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规格: Wild True Morel Mushroom Premium A+ 天然风干野生羊肚菌,顶级品质,无沙,无破损,出口韩日级别。
产地: 云南香格里拉
产品特点: 香气浓郁,味道超级鲜香。
产品功效: 羊肚菌含粗蛋白20%、粗脂肪26%、碳水化合物38.1%,还含有多种氨基酸,特别是谷氨酸含量高达1.76 %。羊肚菌所含丰富的硒是人体红细胞谷胱甘肽过氧化酶的组成成分,另方面能加强维生素E的抗氧化作用。
适用人群: 老少咸宜
产品单重: 4盎司
注意: 个别干羊肚菌表面会有白色的像蜘蛛丝,这些是白色菌丝,可以正常食用,是正常表现。野生羊肚菌菌未经硫磺熏蒸,个别菌可能会有小虫,此为正常现象,并不影响食用,浸泡后清洗掉即可烹煮食用!需干燥低温保存,请放入冰箱冷藏保存。

单价(美元/份) | 中号MIX SIZE 4OZ装(113克) $59.99

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Wild True Morel Mushroom (Large Premium A+)
产 品 特 点
大号: 菌伞长度平均在5-8CM
小号: 菌伞长度平均在2-5CM

Origin: Shangri-La, Yunnan

Grade: Premium A+

Specifications: Wild morel whloe piece product

Dried: Sun Dried

Color: Brown / Gray

Taste: Light tea flavor

This product is a dry product with a handle, divided into two grade acoording to the size of the umbrella.

Large size: The length of the umbrella is 5-8CM on average.

Small: The length of the umbrella is 2-5CM on average.

产 品 说 明



Morchella, the true morels, is a genus of edible sac fungi closely related to anatomically simpler cup fungi in the order Pezizales (division Ascomycota). These distinctive fungi have a honeycomb appearance due to the network of ridges with pits composing their cap. Morels are Prized by gourmet cooks, particularly in French cuisine. Due to difficulties in cultivation, commercial harvesting of wild morels has become a multimillion-dollar industry in the temperate Northern Hemisphere, in particular North America, Turkey, China, the Himalayas, India, and Pakistan , where these highly prized fungi are found in abundance.

营 养 和 功 效

羊肚菌是子囊菌中最著名的美味食菌,其菌盖部分含有异亮氨酸、亮氨酸、赖氨酸、蛋氨酸、苯丙氨酸、苏氨酸和缬氨酸7种人体必需的氨基酸。羊肚菌的营养相当丰富,据测定,羊肚菌含粗蛋白20%、粗脂肪26%、碳水化合物38.1%,还含有多种氨基酸,特别是谷氨酸含量高达1.76 %。因此,有人认为是“十分好的蛋白质来源”,并有“素中之荤”的美称。人体中的蛋白质是由20种氨基酸搭配而组成的,而羊肚菌就含有18种,其中8种氨基酸是人体不能制造的,但在人体营养上显得格外重要,所以被称之为“必需氨基酸”。

另外,据测定羊肚菌至少含有8种维生素:维生素B1、维生素B2、维生素B12、烟酸、泛酸、吡哕醇、生物素、叶酸等。羊肚菌的营养成份,可与牛乳、肉和鱼粉相当。因此,国际上常称它为“健康食品”之一 。


While most morel enthusiasts cherish this particular mushroom for its exceptional taste and culinary applicability, less attention is given to its physiological effects on the body. This is unfortunate, because, like many members of the fungal kingdom, morel mushrooms possess important nutritional and medicinal properties that can play key roles in optimizing the health of those who consume them.

Morel mushrooms are good source of iron and copper. 66 gram of Morel mushroom provides 8.041 mg of iron, 0.412 mg of copper, 3.4 µg of vitamin D, 128 mg of phosphorus, 0.387 mg of manganese, 1.34 mg of zinc and 0.315 mg of vitamin B5, 1.8 grams of total dietary fiber, 2.06 gram of protein, 13 mg magnesium and 0.38 total fats.

It possesses Vitamin D and Vitamin B like other mushrooms. They are rich in nutrients such as protein, dietary fiber and minerals such as iron, copper, phosphorus, manganese, zinc and potassium. It possesses an antiviral, antioxidant, immunoregulatory and anti-tumour growth activity that helps to prevent the body from various health ailments.

发 霉 ?菌 丝?









干的羊肚菌需要经过泡发后才能食用。泡发羊肚菌水的量要适度,以刚刚浸过菇面为宜,大约二三十分钟后水变成酒红色,羊肚菌完全变软即可捞出洗净备用,发菌的酒红色原汤经沉淀泥 砂后要用于烧菜,炖汤。切记这酒红色的原汤是羊肚菌味道和养分的精华所在。 羊肚菌是许多美食的特色,包括普罗旺斯。它们独特的风味受到全球厨师的青睐,其配方和制作方法旨在突出和保护它。然而,由于已知羊肚菌含有不耐热毒素,因此必须在进食前将其煮熟。 Dried morels need to be foamed before they can be eaten. The amount of water in the amniotic fluid should be moderate. It should be just soaked in the mushroom surface. After about twenty or thirty minutes, the water turns into wine red. The morel is completely soft and can be removed for cleaning. The red raw soup is used for cooking and stew after sedimentation. Remember that this red wine soup is the essence of the taste and nutrients of the morel. Morels are a feature of many cuisines, including Provençal. Their unique flavor is prized by chefs worldwide, with recipes and preparation methods designed to highlight and preserve it. However, as morels are known to contain thermolabile toxins, they must always be cooked before eating.