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[0 Failure] As long as these steps are done correctly, Alaskan red ginseng will be soaked perfectly!

June 11 2023 – yibo wei


Follow me and easily master the hair soaking skills of Alaskan red ginseng!


Each type of sea cucumber has a different soaking process due to its different texture and drying process. Today I will teach you how to easily soak wild native American sea cucumber - Alaskan red ginseng.

This pollution-free, nutritious sea cucumber is very suitable for the elderly, sub-healthy people, and pregnant women. It is simple and easy to choose Alaska five-year-old light-dried red ginseng produced by XLSEAFOOD in the United States.

First, soak in cold water for 2 days, wash the inner cavity by laparotomy and remove the spit. Then continue to soak for 3-4 days, after the sea cucumber softens, it can be cooked.

Please note, use oil-free, clean container for foaming hair, and keep it in the refrigerator to cool the foaming hair. If the temperature is too high or the container is dirty, it is easy to cause the sea cucumbers to breed bacteria and rot, resulting in the failure of soaking.

Finally, the weight gain rate of soaked red ginseng is about 3-4 times that of dry ginseng, and there is no need to boil it in the whole process. Come and follow me to learn the hair soaking skills of Alaskan red ginseng!