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We are the most outstanding seafood manufacturer in the US focusing primarily on the dried sea cucumber business. Our business philosophy is that the customer always comes first. We are striving to provide excellent service with the best products.

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We only select the most natural wild sea cucumber, and the whole process is supervised by FDA and the American Health Bureau. We have strict grading and quality control standards to ensure the best quality of sea cucumber.



We perfectly combine traditional techniques with modern technology to produce dried sea cucumbers. Not a single additive is introduced during the production process, making it the best green, healthy, organic food.

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Co-founder Bob Wei is awarded a diploma in Personal Nutrition from Shaw Academy for its competition in the program.

Shawn Academy presents Bob Wei with a Diploma in Personal Nutrition.


XlSEAFOOD® is honored with recommendation from Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich and California State Senator Bob Huff for its outstanding commitment, dedication in providing organic green safe products.

Bob Wei, the co-founder of Xulongxing®, and the representative of California Senator Bob Huff wrote in the commendation letter, "Thanks to Xulong for its contribution to the trade between China and the United States and its unremitting efforts in providing organic green products s hard work".