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points system

You can earn 1 point for every $1 you spend at Xlseafood. (Clearance products, China futures, commercial purchases are not within the scope of points)

Click the blue box " Member Points " at the bottom right of the official website to inquire.

About the historical points of old members

After the website revision, old members need to re-register as a member with the existing EMAIL, and the system will automatically associate your historical points and order records.

points management

1. After becoming a member of Xlseafood and successfully logging in, you can get points for every successful transaction order and the cash part paid. (China Futures, commercial purchases (agent purchases) do not enjoy points treatment)

2. Periodic points promotion activities will bring you additional promotion points.

3. You can view your accumulated points in "My Account - My Points".

4. Your accumulated points will be automatically displayed on the checkout page, and you can choose to use points to pay or settle in the normal way.

5. When the order is canceled or refunded, the used points will be returned to your account.

6. Points generated for cash orders will be generated after the order is shipped. If the order is canceled/refunded, the corresponding points will be automatically deducted.

7. Points have no cash value and cannot be transferred or combined.

8. Points are valid for 360 days, expired points will be automatically invalidated.

Points redemption form

Points Redemption Form
500 $5.00
1000 $10.00
2000 $20.00
5000 $50.00
10000 $100.00