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Call for Papers

It has been more than 7 years since the establishment of Xulongxing in the United States!

Along the way, our customers and fans have been increasing!

Thank you for your attention and love for us for a long time!

American Xulongxing has always been advancing towards the goal of "hard core science popularization". On the basis of scientific analysis, the original chaotic health care products are standardized, simplified, and modularized.

While selling the best health care products, share the hardest product knowledge with everyone.

In order for all customers and fans to better share the use experience and experience of Xulonghang products, we are now soliciting contributions from all customers and fans for a long time, hoping to enable everyone to gain more practical experience from Xulonghang and information!

The specific requirements for the call for papers are as follows:

1. The content of the manuscript needs to be related to Xulonghang products, such as food production, hair soaking skills, good food recommendations, maintenance experience and other related articles.

2. Contributions can be in the form of graphics, text or video . The article must be an original article published for the first time. Plagiarism and modification are prohibited. (The US Xulongxing video account has been opened, fans are welcome to submit video contributions !)

3. Please send the manuscript by email to xlseafood@gmail.com of the editorial department of the website, or contact WeChat account xlseafood (Note "Contribution") Consultation on submission matters.

We will review and screen the submitted manuscripts, and once accepted, the author will be notified and rewarded according to the content of the manuscript and the reading volume (calculated within 24 hours after the article is published ). details as follows:

  • If the number of readings is 0~1000, the remuneration is 20 US dollars

  • If the reading volume reaches more than 1,000, a reward of $1 will be awarded for every 100 additional reading volume (that is, if the reading volume reaches 1,100, the reward will be $21; if the reading volume reaches 2,000, the reward will be $30, and so on)

  • The reading volume reaches 5000+, and the manuscript fee is 100 US dollars

  • The reading volume reaches 10,000+, and the manuscript fee is 250 US dollars

PS Taking into account the growth of the fan base in the future, American Xulongxing reserves the right to adjust the remuneration in the future.


Manuscripts will be edited and published successively on Xlseafood official website of the United States and the Chinese website www.xlseafood.com/xlseafoodchina.com, WeChat official account, Xiaohongshu, Toutiao, Weibo and other platforms. Once the manuscript is adopted, the right to use the article belongs to Xlseafood Dragons do it all. The right of final decision and interpretation of the manuscript belongs to Xulongxing.

If fans want to share their experience in cooking sea cucumber/bird's nest/fish maw and other high-end ingredients, then don't hesitate, warmly welcome contributions and sharing~