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Xlseafood Premium fine sulphur-free licorice slice(regular)

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产地: China
产品特点: Sulfur-free, bleach-free
产品功效: Replenish energy
适用人群: 用于脾胃虚弱,倦怠乏力,心悸气短,咳嗽痰多,脘腹、四肢挛急疼痛,痈肿疮毒,缓解药物毒性、烈性
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Product Description
Licorice (Glycyrrhiza uralensis), also known as Ural licorice.

Glycyrrhiza is the dried roots and rhizomes of the legume licorice, licorice or licorice.

Licorice tablets are brown or tan tablets, with a special fragrance and sweet taste. Gan, ping (raw cool, hot lukewarm); Return to the lungs, spleen meridian.

Flavor use
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that licorice is flat and sweet, and has pharmacological effects such as detoxification, expectorant, pain relief, spasmolytic and anti-cancer.

In Chinese medicine, licorice nourishes the spleen and qi, nourishes cough and moisturizes the lungs, slows down detoxification, and harmonizes hundred medicines.

Clinical application is divided into "raw" and "honey" (licorice).

Raw use mainly treats sore throat, scabies, ulcers, gastrointestinal ulcers, antidote poisoning, food poisoning, etc.;

Honey burns mainly treat spleen and stomach function, loose stool, fatigue and fever, cough, palpitations, etc. Licorice is also one of the main raw materials of Rendan.
Licorice is also widely used in the food industry, refined confectionery (salmiakki), preserves and chewing gum.

Licorice extract is an emulsifier for the manufacture of chocolate, which can also increase the taste and aroma of beer, improve the consistency and color of dark beer, and make certain soft drinks and dessert wines;

Cigarette flavor. In the chemical industry, printing and dyeing industry, licorice is also widely used.