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After-sale policy

The products of Xulonghang are all dry goods.

In order to ensure our service quality, we provide Limited return/exchange services. Please refer to the following for specific rules:

Return period:
You can return the goods within 14 natural days after receiving the goods.
Return conditions:
If the product you received is damaged or has quality problems, you can apply for a return within the return period.

Please note:
For non-quality returns, including returns for personal reasons, invalid addresses or no one at home, the customer must bear the return shipping costs. In addition, XLSEAFOOD will charge an additional 10% of the order amount as an order replacement fee.
If the returned product is inconsistent with the original package, or is missing or damaged due to improper packaging, XLSEAFOOD will not issue a refund.

Return instructions:

● All returns must have an RMA number.
Please send an email to xlseafoodcs@gmail.com, or directly WeChat our customer service (WeChat ID: xlseafood3), contact our customer service team to request an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number.
Please be sure to provide us with your order number, product image (if requested), quantity and reason for return.
Once we receive your request, it may take 1-3 business days to review your RMA. Once we confirm the damage or quality problem, we will issue a refund.

● If there is a quality problem with the product

Please take a photo of the product and send it to our customer service Email: cs@xlseafood or directly WeChat our customer service (WeChat ID: xlseafood3) for verification.
If it is verified as a quality problem, we will take full responsibility for the return and replacement of the product and fees.

Instructions for order cancellation:

To cancel/modify the order, please contact our customer service staff,

Email: cs@xlseafood.com

WeChat: xlseafood3

Tel: 1-213-538-8384 .

Within 2 hours of the customer placing the order, if the customer needs to cancel or modify due to personal reasons, XLSEAFOOD accepts the order cancellation/modification without charging additional fees.

Price protection

Within 7 days from the date of signing for the goods, if the price of the purchased goods is lowered, you can apply for price protection. The price difference will be returned to the customer in the form of store credit.

Signing for more than 7 days and all second-level sea cucumber products are not covered by price protection.

Instructions for use of store credit: XLSEAFOOD store credit is in the ecode mode, and no change or cash is required.




For food products, who pays for the return shipping fee?

  • If the responsibility for returning or exchanging goods is due to product quality problems or XLSEAFOOD’s delivery errors, the round-trip freight will be borne by XLSEAFOOD.
  • If the product is returned or exchanged due to the customer's personal reasons, the customer shall bear the shipping cost of the package returned.


What should I do if I need to return/exchange an item?

The return/exchange process is as follows:

1. Before returning/exchanging goods, please contact XLSEAFOOD customer service via WeChat, email or phone, and the customer service will provide a Return Merchandise Authorization (Return Merchandise Authorization).

2. Please print the return authorization and place it in the return package box. For unauthorized return packages, we will deduct at least 10% of the return amount as a replacement fee.

How soon can I receive my refund?

After XLSEAFOOD receives and reviews the returned goods, the refund will be returned to your PayPal account or credit card account within 3-5 working days.




All XLSEAFOOD electrical products are shipped directly from the manufacturer, and the after-sales policy is as follows:

7 days no reason to return
Electrical products can be returned or exchanged within 7 days from the date of delivery of the goods, and the Restocking Fee is exempted for returns, and only one-way freight is required for returns and exchanges without quality problems.

1) For 7-day no-reason free return and exchange, you need to contact customer service within 7 days from the date of product delivery, and it will not be processed if it is overdue;
2) The manufacturer is not responsible for the loss caused by the loss in the process of sending it back to the customer service center, and the customer can claim the corresponding compensation with the courier company;

3) If it is not a machine quality problem, the original package is discarded or the accessories are missing.
4) If the product is returned, the gift in the purchase must be returned in its entirety;
5) When purchasing products, if you enjoy various discounts, such as combination discounts, super value group purchases, and other gifts, etc., all discounts will be deducted from the refund, and we reserve the right to interpret the discount amount;

30 days exchange
If there is any quality problem within one month from the date of delivery, the manufacturer will replace the whole machine or accessories for free, and the customer does not need to pay any fees (including round-trip shipping).

The electrical return process is as follows:
1. Apply for return: Please notify the manufacturer's customer service in writing via Email to request a return and indicate the reason for the return, and attach your order number and orderer information;

2. Customer service confirmation: After receiving your return request, the customer service center will confirm the relevant return information with you by email or phone within 1-2 working days. If it meets the terms of return and exchange, we will notify you of the return address (if it is confirmed that it is a product quality problem, we will directly send you the shipping label);
3. Send back the returned product: Please be sure to send the product back to the designated address within 1-3 days after receiving the email, otherwise it will be deemed that you have agreed to accept the product and no longer require return or exchange; after the machine is sent Please inform the customer service center of the tracking number by email;
4. Refund: After receiving your returned product and confirming that it is in good condition, we will refund the corresponding amount within 2 working days.

one year warranty
The warranty is provided by the manufacturer, and the default warranty period is one year.
During the warranty period, if any of the following phenomena cannot be repaired:
※ Failure to produce the order number and other information proves that the purchase was made from the Chinese Living Center;
※ Damaged due to disassembly or modification;
※ Damage caused by mistakes, negligence or human misuse;
※ Failure or damage caused by non-general household use (such as long-term use in harsh places)


The warranty process is as follows:
1. Free warranty period
1) Please notify the customer service center in writing via email to request repair and indicate the reason for the repair, provide the failure certificate (photo or small video), and attach your order number and orderer information.
2) After the customer service center receives your repair request, if it is confirmed that it meets the free warranty terms, we will send you an email containing the shipping label. Please be sure to send the product back within 10 days after receiving the email .
3) After we confirm that we have received the product you need to repair, we will complete the product repair or replace the new parts within 1 week, and the repair cost and the return shipping fee will be borne by us.


2. Exceeding the free warranty period
1) Please notify the customer service center in writing via email to request repair and indicate the reason for the repair, provide the failure certificate (photo or small video), and attach your order number and orderer information.
2) After receiving your maintenance request, the customer service center will provide you with the contact information of the brand supplier's maintenance center, and you need to contact the maintenance center for maintenance.

There was a problem during transportation

Regarding damage during transportation:
1. For damage caused by transportation, we will replace the machine for you according to the damage situation. If the damaged part is only replaceable parts, we will send you new parts for free, instead of replacing the whole machine;
2. Please notify the customer service center by phone or email within 3 days after receiving the product;
3. If the product is found to be damaged after receiving the goods, please do not use the product and contact our customer service center immediately. If the product has been used, it means that you have recognized that the product is in good condition when you receive it, and we will have the right not to use it any more. Accept the return request for this reason;
4. Please provide multiple photos of product damage taken from different angles, including outer packaging, inner packaging, product distant pictures, detailed pictures or small videos of damaged parts, and relevant text descriptions sent to the customer service mailbox by email. We will -Reply within 2 working days;

Regarding the loss during transportation:
If the tracking shows delivered but the goods are not received, or lost in transit, please be sure to contact the courier company to communicate the delivery status within 2 days;

If the courier company fails to find the goods within 48 hours, you can notify the customer service center by phone or email, and we will investigate and reschedule the delivery as soon as possible.