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XLSEAFOOD CHINA Grade Premium Nature Unsulphure Poria

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产品特点: This product is poria granules, not poria
产品功效: Efficacy: water infiltration, spleen, peace of mind, etc
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Poria, also known as Yuling, Fuling, Wanling Gui, Fu Ling, is a dry sclerotia of the fungus Poria, often parasitic on pine roots, shaped like sweet potatoes, globular, light brown or black-brown on the outside, pink or white inside, and is called white poria or cloud after refining.
Poria is one of the most common medicinal flavors in Chinese medicine for dehumidification, and it is flat, sweet and light. Attributed to the heart meridian, lung meridian, spleen meridian, kidney meridian. Efficacy: water seepage, spleen, peace of mind, etc., can be used for water swelling, phlegm cough and asthma, spleen deficiency and less food, diarrhea, urine is unfavorable, palpitations, insomnia, sperm loss and so on.
Poria is widely used, and in Zhang Zhongjing's "Typhoid Fever", Poria has a high appearance rate, such as Guizhi Zhuling Pills, Lingguishu Gan Tang and so on. It is mainly used to dehumidify water and strengthen the spleen. Poria, mainly treats edema caused by water wetness, urine is not good, and pig ling, ze diarrhea is used together, prescription medicine has five lingshan; If the treatment of edema of spleen and kidney yang deficiency, it is equivalent to aconite and white art, and the prescription medicine has Zhenwu Tang; Cure phlegm, drinking, cough and asthma, and banxia, tangerine peel is equivalent to use, prescription medicine has two Chen soup; For the treatment of palpitations and insomnia, it can be used with drugs such as Codonopsis, Sour Jujube Kernel, Yuanzhi, Calamus, etc., and prescription drugs such as Gui Spleen Soup.