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Braised South African Soft-Boiled Abalone


  • Xulonghang South African abalone 4pcs (15-20pcs/lb, finished with water)
  • 500g pork spine/rib
  • 1000ml broth/chicken broth
  • Jinhua ham 10g
  • 1 head ginger
  • Red dates, some dried longan
  • oyster sauce

南非鲍鱼 旭龙行


The first step: boil the top soup.

After blanching the pork bones to remove the blood stains, put them in a slow cooker with broth, abalone and other ingredients except oyster sauce, add 2000 ml of pure water, bring to a boil on high heat, then turn to low heat and simmer slowly.

The process of making the top soup will determine the softness of the abalone. The longer the stewing time, the softer the abalone meat will be. It is recommended to control the stewing time between 24-48 hours. If it exceeds 48 hours, it will be too soft like tofu, and the true taste of abalone cannot be brought out; if it is less than 24 hours, it will be too hard, like chewing a rubber band, and you will not be able to appreciate the deliciousness of abalone.

In order to reduce the work intensity of watching the fire, it is recommended to use the slow cooking function of the electric cooker.

南非鲍鱼 旭龙行

Step 2: turn the abalone over.

During slow cooking, in order to ensure that the abalone does not stick to the bottom of the pot during slow cooking, a bamboo mat should be placed on the bottom of the pot, and the abalone should be turned every 2 hours or so.

If you can easily penetrate the abalone with chopsticks or a knife, it means the abalone is fully cooked and you can go to the next step.

南非鲍鱼 旭龙行

Step Three: Braised Abalone Sauce

Required tools: casserole (recommended, if there is no casserole, a small soup pot is also acceptable)

Required materials: stewed abalone and top soup, oyster sauce

南非鲍鱼 旭龙行

Stir the topping soup and oyster sauce evenly, add to the casserole, and add the abalone.

Bring the top soup to a boil on high heat, then turn to low heat and simmer the abalone and concentrated soup for 10-15 minutes. When the soup becomes thick, turn off the heat.

If the color of abalone is more black and bright, you can add a small amount of dark soy sauce.

南非鲍鱼 旭龙行

Step 4: Plate

Arrange the cooked abalone on a plate to keep the abalone intact.

Sprinkle the brown abalone sauce evenly on the surface and surroundings of the abalone.

The braised abalone is done!

南非鲍鱼 旭龙行


How to taste abalone

Taste braised abalone with a knife and fork,

The first knife should cut the abalone horizontally from the head to the tail, and observe the thick fleshy body of the abalone and the heart layer around the center.

Then cut the abalone into small pieces by cross-cutting from head to tail, each piece should have the lips and spines of the abalone attached.

The lips and spines of the abalone will have more flavor than the thick meat layer, so the cut abalone should be fully dipped in the abalone juice before tasting.

Feel the wonderful feeling of the deliciousness of abalone juice and the multiple textures of soft and elastic teeth.

南非鲍鱼 旭龙行