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Stewed Fish Maw (Mexican Butterfly Maw)

The ingredients selected this time are Mexican butterfly glue .

It is taken from the maw of giant grouper or beluga in South America. It is the best quality product in American fish maw.

Isinglass is the first choice in nourishing yin and blood, strengthening essence and kidney, anti-aging, and beauty. The gelatin is delicate and has a good viscosity. After stewing, the soup is clear, and the gelatin is so thick that it will stick to the teeth.

This time I selected Xulongxing small butterfly glue (35-45 pcs/lb)


The first step is to clean the glue


After the butterfly glue is unpacked, it needs to be cleaned. Because there is air-dried dust attached to the surface of the glue, rinse it with clean water first, and then soak it in cold water for 24-48 hours .

The larger the fish maw, the longer the soaking time. With the immersion of water, the colloidal surface layer begins to soften, and the attached impurities will also float to the surface.

墨西哥蝴蝶胶 花胶鱼肚

The second step is to scald flower glue

After soaking for 24 hours, the flower maw needs to be scalded in boiling water at 90-100 degrees Celsius .

The main purpose is to thoroughly soften the inside of the fish maw. The time required for this step varies from 3-5 minutes depending on the size of the fish maw.

How to judge the degree of blanching of flower gum?

In terms of color: the hot flower gum will turn white

In terms of softness: the hot flower gum will become soft, and the two ends will naturally hang down when picked with chopsticks.

墨西哥蝴蝶胶 花胶鱼肚

The third step is cold-soaked fish maw

After the blanched fish maw is cooled, it should be replaced with clean water and placed in a refrigerator for soaking for 2-3 days .

This step is the main step to improve the taste of the fish maw. The collagen molecular reorganization under cold water immersion can increase the fiber Q elasticity and gelatin tension.

During the soaking process, ginger slices can also be added to help remove the fishy smell.

墨西哥蝴蝶胶 花胶鱼肚

The fourth step is to stew fish maw

Eating fish maw is full of soft and slippery collagen.

The best way to eat good fish maw is to stew it !

This time we used a big bone broth base.

Ingredients: pig's feet, pig's spine, ginger slices, red dates, dried longan, wolfberry.

Method: After blanching the pig's feet and spine to remove the blood, put them into boiling water, add other ingredients and simmer for 40 minutes.
After the broth is stewed, put the soaked fish maw into the soup and boil.

墨西哥蝴蝶胶 花胶鱼肚

At this point, the question arises, what should I cook next?

Answer: There are two methods of stewing: simmering slowly and boiling quickly, each of which has its own characteristics:

Simmer slowly for about 30-40 minutes, so that the beneficial ingredients in the fish maw/fish maw can slowly melt into the soup, so that the absorption is the best! And the viscosity of the broth will be greatly improved.

It can be eaten in about 15 minutes. You can feel the sticky texture of the thick gelatin of the whole fish maw. It is a great happiness for people who prefer the gelatinous taste, but the absorption rate is almost lower than that of simmering and slow cooking.

墨西哥蝴蝶胶 花胶鱼肚

Step 5 seasoning

Like sea cucumber and other gummies, the freshness and taste of fish maw depends on a good soup base!

If the broth is well stewed, the fish maw is already very delicious when eaten in soup, and there is no need for additional seasoning except for salt.

墨西哥蝴蝶胶 花胶鱼肚

summary tasting

Taste: The stewing method we chose this time is to simmer on high heat for 5 minutes, then change to low heat and simmer for 15 minutes. Because it is a small size, even if it is only stewed for 20 minutes, the taste is already very soft. Because it has not been boiled for a long time, the prototype of the fish maw is basically maintained. When you enter the mouth, you can feel the layering and stickiness of the gum fibers bitten by the teeth. tooth touch. The medium and large gums are 2-3 times thicker than the small ones, and I believe the taste will be better.

Glue: Butterfly glue is the ultimate glue. Even if the fish maw soup is made of small fish maw, the unfinished soup has already formed a fish maw jelly before it is put into the refrigerator.

About removing the fishy smell: because the fish maw is the organ of the fish, the fishy smell is inevitable.

Because the guests who tried the dish this time were super afraid of fishy smell, so we specially added pepper to the soup, which has a wonderful effect on removing fishy smell. Its spicy feeling can not only cover the fishy smell, but also have the effect of warming the stomach and stimulating appetite.

In addition, the fishy smell of fish maw soup will become more prominent after cooling, so it is better for people who are afraid of fishy food to eat it hot, and avoid cold food.