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Sea Cucumber with Braised Pork - Mom's Taste, Healthy Cooking, Lazy Ways

I still remember when I was young, the happiest time was seeing my mother cook a pot full of braised pork with thick oil and red sauce. Just a few bowls of rice. Tonight, we will combine the classic braised pork with sea cucumber, and use the simplest lazy method to complete a braised sea cucumber with thick oil and red sauce in three steps. Because we will choose two sea cucumbers for today's dish, the name of the dish has become braised double sea cucumbers.
Braised sea cucumbers need to choose sea cucumbers with thick flesh and thick gums. American sea cucumbers and Mexican double row sea cucumbers in the American sea cucumber series are the first choice for braised sea cucumbers.
food preparation
  1. 250g pork belly with skin, cut into cubes and set aside
  2. Xulongxing waist ginseng large 1 piece, soaked in water for use
  3. 2 medium-sized Xulongxing double-row sea cucumbers, soaked in water for later use
  4. 1 handful shallots, 1 head ginger, 1 head garlic
  5. Spice pack (2 star anise, 1 grass fruit, some cinnamon)
  6. soy sauce, soy sauce, sugar
The first step: main material processing
First put the pork belly into boiling water and scald until the blood color turns to flesh color, then take it out
Cut waist ginseng and double-row sea cucumber into finger-thick sections for later use
Step Two: Stew
Put the scallions, ginger slices, garlic, and spice packets into the bottom of the pot, and put the pork belly on it (so that the meat and the bottom of the pot will be separated by the scallions and ginger, and will not burn)
Inject cooking wine and water (ratio 1:1), add 2 scoops of light soy sauce, 1 scoop of dark soy sauce, and spread over the ingredients
After boiling the soup on high heat, cover and simmer for 15 minutes on low heat
Step Three: Braised Sea Cucumber
Put the sliced ​​sea cucumbers into the previous braised pork, boil again on high heat, then change to low heat and simmer for 20 minutes
Before serving, add sugar to taste and it's done
Appreciation of finished products

The fat used in this dish is the fat of the pork belly itself, and no extra oil is added, so it is much healthier than the traditional braised green onion and sea cucumber cooked in heavy oil.

Sea cucumbers have been stewed for a long time, and the flesh of the sea cucumbers has been covered with a layer of black and bright sugar color.

The colloidal fibers are broken during slow cooking, so that it achieves a silky and smooth taste that melts in the mouth (in contrast, the taste of waist ginseng is smoother and tender than double-row sea cucumber). The umami taste of the sea cucumber itself is also combined with the strong taste of the braised pork, making the dish more fragrant and delicious.

Afterwards, the editor who assisted in the filming ate 3 big bowls of rice with sea cucumbers...