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Ten Grain Rice Red Ginseng Health Congee

I would like to recommend a super simple and easy-to-operate red ginseng dish, which can not only retain the nutritional value of sea cucumbers to the greatest extent, but also naturally remove the unique fishy smell of sea cucumbers.

The name of this dish is also very distinctive: ten-grain rice red ginseng health porridge, long-term consumption, has the effects of protecting the heart, detoxifying the stomach, replenishing energy, and improving immunity. It is a health porridge suitable for all ages.


Ingredients preparation:



Main ingredient one:

1 piece of 5-year-old Alaskan red ginseng ( watered for use ).

Alaskan red ginseng, because it is rich in chondroitin sulfate and sea cucumber saponin, has obvious effects on improving immunity and repairing cartilage tissue. It is an excellent food for middle-aged and elderly people and people with weak immunity. 1 red ginseng in mini size can be paired with porridge of 1000-1200ml (2-4 persons).


Main ingredient two:

70 grams of ten grain rice: ten kinds of miscellaneous grains, including brown rice, black glutinous rice, millet, wheat, buckwheat, gorgon, oats, red lotus, corn and barley.

Rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, it has the effects of nourishing, health-preserving and detoxification.


Ingredients 1: 30 grams of oatmeal. Oatmeal is the first choice of high-quality crude fiber and high-quality ingredients for people with three highs. It can be used as a "thickener" for porridge. If you want porridge to be thicker, add more.

Ingredients 2: 1 pitted red date. The main effect of jujube is to nourish blood and nourish the skin, and at the same time provide sweetness


Cooking methods:


After washing all the ingredients, put them all into the soymilk machine.

Inject 1000-1200 ml of clear water.

Close the machine cover, select the "whole grains" option to start cooking porridge.


After 10 minutes, the soya-bean milk machine will indicate that it has been cooked.

At this time, you're done!


Finished product display

The cooked porridge is lavender in color.

Sip the tea slowly, and you can feel the faint sweetness of the jujube slowly dissipating, and the porridge is delicate and smooth, sticky and hot.

Chewing carefully, you can feel small jelly-like particles between your tongue and teeth, which are crushed red ginseng, but you can't taste the fishy smell of red ginseng.



This healthy and delicious ten-grain rice porridge is suitable for all ages and is suitable for all year round.

It only takes less than 10 minutes, and neither requires superb cooking skills nor the need to use an open flame. It is easy and simple.

Adhere to drinking every day, cooperate with daily healthy work and rest and exercise, and the ideal of climbing ten floors without panting will come true soon!