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April Lunar Pickup Cooking: Sea Cucumber Dessert Cooking Course

It is said that on a dark and windy night N years ago, when the founder of Xulongxing was conducting a routine sea cucumber soaking test, he accidentally dropped the soaked double-row sea cucumber into the mung bean paste being cooked , Considering that it is useless to fish out sea cucumbers, so I made a mistake and mixed double-rowed sea cucumbers with mung bean paste. Unexpectedly, the cooked sea cucumber mung bean paste was sweet and delicious, and everyone applauded it, so this innovative sea cucumber dessert came out.

This dessert combines the traditional Cantonese-style tangerine peel and mung bean paste with American sea cucumber. After trying it, both the taste and the health effect are very good, which left a very deep impression on the editor, so today I want to have it too Share the practice with everyone.

Ingredients needed:

  • 100g mung beans with skin
  • 1500 ml of water
  • crystal sugar
  • 5 grams of tangerine peel (if you don't have tangerine peel, you can use fresh orange peel instead)
  • Xulongxing double-rowed sea cucumbers that have been watered well, yes, I chose this discounted product, 5-year-old double-rowed sea cucumbers, one for 2 people is enough

旭龙行 双排刺参


Pressure cooker/electric cooker, or rice cooker


The first step: the initial processing of ingredients. Wash the mung beans, dice the sea cucumbers and tangerine peel.

旭龙行 双排刺参

Step 2: Pour all the ingredients into the pot and pour 1500ML-2000ML of water.

旭龙行 双排刺参

Step 3: Cook under high pressure for 30 minutes and let it cool down naturally. If you don't have a pressure cooker, you can use an ordinary electric pot or stew pot, and then simmer for 1 hour after the fire is boiled.

旭龙行 双排刺参


After high-pressure cooking, the skin of the mung bean separates and turns into a puree. The sea cucumber is basically dissolved in the sugar water, but individual pieces of sea cucumber can still be seen if you look closely. Compared with ordinary mung bean paste, the freshness of tangerine peel, the aroma of mung bean and the umami taste of sea cucumber will show three levels of taste, and the taste of sugar water will be much smoother and tender, which should be the reason why the gum is blended into sugar water.

旭龙行 双排刺参

The picture above is the actual picture. If you want to have a whole piece of sea cucumber (picture below), you can cut some sea cucumbers into thin skins and put them in.

旭龙行 双排刺参

旭龙行 双排刺参

This dessert can be eaten cold or hot. Compared with ordinary desserts, it has health benefits. The key is to slightly adjust the ingredients to suit the needs of all kinds of girls , so it is definitely a weapon for girls !

She became very angry, and cooked rock sugar tangerine peel, sea cucumber and mung bean paste!

She has a heatstroke, cook rock sugar barley, sea cucumber and mung bean paste!

She is weak, cook longan, red dates, sea cucumber and red bean paste!

She came to that, boiled brown sugar tangerine peel sea cucumber red bean paste!


This April, don't be self-deprecating, start your hands, cook sugar water, go outing, hehehe!