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My name is Mexican Butterfly, men and women are crazy about me

Hello, my name is Mexican Butterfly Gum. Women will be more beautiful with me, and men will be stronger with me.

Maybe you are hearing my name for the first time, so please allow me to introduce myself.

1 I am the swimming ring that comes with the Mexican grouper

I am the dried product of the swim bladder of the American grouper
 The grouper (pictured below) completes the movement of floating up and down by injecting air into me
 Hi, I am Grouper grouper Image source: Youtube
 I am more than 10 years old
 The thickness of the flesh exceeds 1CM
 The head will be bigger than the face of an adult 

Is it bigger than your face! Image source: Xulonghang
 Because of its big size, it is classified as the best fish maw "Guangdu"
 'Cause I'm always cut in half and dried in butterfly shape
 That's why everyone calls me Butterfly Glue

2 I am clean and not fishy

I am the cleanest fish maw in the world
 Compared to the maw of other fish
I don't have blood all over my body
 There are also no glands attached to the belly
 So I don't have a strong fishy smell
 I'm just a ring for the grouper
 Not responsible for metabolizing toxins in fish
 Therefore no accumulation of heavy metals
Look at how fair I am~~~~ Image source: Xulongxing

3 I am a woman's favorite

I am rich in collagen for beauty and skin care
 Protein content up to 84.2%
 I am rich in unsaturated fatty acids that can protect the cardiovascular system
 but only 0.2% fat
Also, I have extremely low cholesterol
 I have the freshness of grouper
 And the taste is soft and smooth 
 The feeling of slippery image source: Xulonghang Coconut Milk Stewed Butterfly Glue
 Traditional Chinese medicine sees me as having miraculous effects on blood enrichment, hemostasis and postpartum wind cramps
 Plus I'm rich in colloids and iron
 I am very suitable as a prenatal food for pregnant women from 4 months of pregnancy to before delivery
Can help pregnant women eliminate fatigue and accelerate wound healing 
 The super-beautiful butterflies stewed in coconut milk. Image source: Xulongxing

4 I am also a man's favorite

 "Materia Medica Qiuyuan" says: It has the function of "nourishing tendons, setting hands and fighting, and strengthening essence".
 "New Compendium of Materia Medica" says: It can "replenish lean blood".
"Compendium of Materia Medica" records: "Swim bladder glued with Tribulus terrestris is called Jujing pill , which is an essential medicine for strengthening essence."
The arrogant me is suitable for the one you love
 Butterfly glue stewed with pork bones and yam, he likes you~~ Photo source: Xulongxing

5 my segments

 The bigger I am, the better the gelatin and the greater the nutritional value
And my size is proportional to the age of the fish I'm in
 The bigger the fish, the bigger I am
 For me who is a single piece, first look at the weight and volume of the single piece
 Look at the integrity of the film
 Finally look at the color and transparency
 The gel body is dry, the sheet is generally thick, and the one with bright color is the top grade 

The left is the 16-year giant butterfly glue, and the right is the 4-year small butterfly glue, look at the difference

6 My origin

After the fresh grouper is caught by fishermen 
 Catching grouper is not easy. Image source: Google
 First of all, I have to be operated on to remove me whole from the belly of the fish
 Then rinse with clean water repeatedly 
 It's a bit bloody... The swim bladder is extracted with a sharp knife. Image source: Xu Longxing
 Then it will be cut open with scissors, flattened, frozen and sent to the processing factory 
 After I cut it, I changed from a swim bladder to a butterfly~ Image source: Xulongxing
 After arriving at the drying yard
After cleaning and sanitizing
 We will be placed in a ventilated dry environment to dry naturally
 This process takes 3-4 weeks
 Wait for the water in my body to evaporate bit by bit 
 Air-drying must be in a cool and ventilated place, with patience, not in the sun or baked Image source: Xulongxing
 No salt, sugar, and chemicals can be added during this period
People call this light dry process, which is also the best flower maw process
 After several manual sorting procedures
 We will be selected for the best appearance
 Delivered to thousands of households after packaging
 When you follow the instructions to soak my hair back and enjoy it
 please remember my name
 Mexican Butterfly Glue