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Fresh Cut Boiled Alaskan Red Ginseng

Alaskan red ginseng is a very suitable ingredient for the New Year. However, it is necessary to take into account the taste, texture and health needs. How can we maintain the smooth taste of the ginseng meat while maintaining the nutrition of the sea cucumber to the greatest extent? Still creative? Can it be simple and easy?

The editor will make a move today, it only takes 10 minutes! With 5 super simple steps, you can make two exquisite red ginseng dishes that are simple (bi), single (ge), healthy (man) and healthy (man).

Fresh Cut Boiled Alaskan Red Ginseng

Introduction of main ingredients:

There is no limit to the size of several pieces of Xulonghang Alaska red ginseng, and they are ready to use after the water is finished.

Soy sauce, green wasabi (wasabi paste).

旭龙行阿拉斯加红参 Alaska Sea Cucumber California Sea Cucumber

Cooking steps:

Step 1: Boil Red Ginseng

The bigger the red ginseng, the thicker the meat, the better the taste and nutrition.

Boil the soaked raw red ginseng in boiling water for 5 minutes.

The purpose is to thoroughly cook and sterilize!

Step 2: Cut the red ginseng into sections

It is best to cut into sections of about 1cm,

Trim as neatly as possible!

All the tendons of red ginseng should be preserved!

Step Three: Prepare the Soy Sauce

Recommend Lee Kum Kee’s gold medal light soy sauce or Pearl River Bridge’s soy sauce king!

Steamed fish with a little sweet soy sauce is also available!

Never use Meijixian/Weijixian!

Step 4: Prepare the Wasabi

Green mustard is the soul of this dish,

with it,

The ginseng taste of red ginseng is upgraded to umami taste,

with it,

The taste of red ginseng becomes the deliciousness of salmon,

with it,

People who are afraid of the fishy smell of the sea can also chew with confidence (the spicy mustard will make all the fishy smell go away)!

Step 5: Arrange the plate

A good presentation makes the dishes stand out, and a poor presentation makes the dishes become dog food. Remember to remember.....The color, fragrance and taste are complete, and the color is the first!

旭龙行阿拉斯加红参 Alaska Sea Cucumber California Sea Cucumbe