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XLSEAFOOD China Jinlin Antler Slice 38g 1.3oz pack

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产地: Dried from sliced young horns of sika deer that do not grow into hard bones, 1.3 oz/box.
产品特点: Sliced ​​and dried newborn sika deer horns without hard bones, 1.3 oz/box.
产品功效: Generating essence and tonifying marrow, nourishing blood and benefiting yang, strengthening tendons and bones, treating all debilitation, deafness and dark eyes, dizziness and dysentery, soaked in high-grade white wine for drinking
产品单重: 1.3 oz/box

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Sika antler flakes produced in Jilin, Northeast China
Origin: Changbaishan District, Jilin Province, taken from the young horns of sika deer that are newborn and do not grow into hard bones
Efficacy: Nourish the essence and nourish the essence, nourish the blood and yang, strengthen the tendons and bones, cure all weaknesses, deafness and dark eyes, dizziness and diarrhea
Usage: Highly soaked liquor for drinking
Net weight: 38g/box