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Wild Caught Arctic Black Sea cucumber

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规格: 2024 wild caught sea cucumber from Euro.
产地: Harvested naturally from the area around Iceland
产品特点: The sea cucumber meat is white and the texture is soft and glutinous
产品功效: Rich in fucosylated chondroitin sulfate, it can enhance physical fitness and improve kidney function, especially kidney damage caused by diabetes
适用人群: Office workers, young people
产品单重: 0.5/1 lb
注意: Note: Wild sea cucumbers feed on corals and sediment on the bottom of the sea, so there may be sediment left in the belly, which needs to be cleaned up when soaking. (For a comparison chart of grade sizes, please refer to the "Specifications")

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XLSEAFOOD Wild Dried Arctic Sea Cucumber (Black Sea Cucumber)


After Soak 


  • Wild sea cucumbers caught in the North Atlantic Ocean around the Arctic Circle
  • Selected sea cucumbers, uniform in size, plump and straight;
  • The whole body of the sea cucumber is bright black, the flesh is pure white, and the tendons are brownish yellow;
  • The protein content is higher than 45%, the salt content is lower than 15%, and the water-swelling weight gain rate is more than 5 times;
  • ​​It is the best choice for office workers and young people to replenish energy and improve immunity.

Natural fishing

Ice Island Thorniness Sea Cucumber is produced in the Icelandic waters of the North Atlantic. Ice Island Thorniness Sea Cucumber grows in the sea about 20-50 feet underwater in the Arctic waters. The annual maximum water temperature of this cold water layer does not exceed 4°C. Similar to Greenland Thorniness Sea Cucumber, because the sea area where Ice Island Thorniness Sea Cucumber grows is rarely visited by people, the original inhabitants have no habit of eating sea cucumbers, and humans have only been able to enter this sea area in recent years (there was no waterway before). The water surface freezes in winter, and there is no pollution from industry and human activities around it. It is a pure natural wild sea cucumber.

Due to the cold seawater in its growing environment, the growth rate of ice sea cucumber is extremely slow, and it takes more than 5 years for the sea cucumber to grow to 10 cm in length.

The Arctic sea cucumber season only starts in early summer, from June to July. At this time, the sea ice in Iceland melts and the waves are not strong, the sea water is clear, and divers can safely dive to the seabed of the island to collect sea cucumbers.

Nutritional Value

According to the analysis of the American Quality Inspection Center: the protein content of Arctic ice sea cucumber is more than 35%, and the sea cucumber polysaccharide accounts for about 18%. It is rich in sea cucumber saponins, vitamins and trace elements, with extremely low fat content and no cholesterol. Compared with domestic Liao sea cucumbers, except for slightly lower protein, other ingredients are higher than domestic sea cucumbers , such as sea cucumber polysaccharides, sea cucumber, and trace elements, and it does not contain heavy metal pollutants such as lead and mercury. Compared with Mexican double-row sea cucumbers and American waist sea cucumbers, although the collagen content of ice sea cucumbers is not as good as the former, due to the long growth time, the immune active ingredient - sea cucumber saponins accumulated in its body is much higher than the former, so Arctic sea cucumbers are also regarded as the preferred species for improving human immunity.

XLSEAFOOD's traditional light-drying technique

Fresh Arctic sea cucumbers are frozen immediately after being caught and sent to the processing plant. The factory needs to go through a series of processes such as gutting, cleaning, steaming, boiling, deashing, and air-drying in the cold storage within a week to complete the air-drying process of the sea cucumbers.

Xlseafood's traditional light drying process includes artificial desalination and natural air drying of fresh sea cucumbers. The entire processing process achieves "three no's", that is, no added sugar, no added salt, no added zero chemical additives, and is a green, organic, and natural health food.

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su fang mo

Wild Dried Arctic Sea Cucumber (Regular Pack)

Good reviews

I ordered Arctic Ocean sea cucumbers today. You have high-quality sea cucumbers for sale at a fair price. Especially the service attitude of the service staff is very good.


I just bought a pound of large size, and the ginseng inside is uneven in size, some are big and some are small, the small ones are less than half the length of the big ones, there is a big difference


The quality of the one I got this time is not good. Many of the thorns are flat. I feel that the quality of this kind of thing is inconsistent every time. It's really annoying this time.

Good reviews

The soaked fish is much bigger than I thought, and the meat is soft. The elderly at home like it very much.

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