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XLSEAFOOD CHINA Grade Premium Nature Unsulphure Black Goji Berry

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规格: Boutique small canned black goji berries
产地: China
产品特点: Black fruit goji berries are rich in black fruit pigment - natural proanthocyanidins, containing 17 kinds of amino acids and 13 kinds of trace elements, of which the content of calcium, magnesium, copper zinc and iron is higher than that of red goji berries, and the nutritional value is much higher than that of ordinary red goji berries, known as "soft gold"
产品功效: Good for immune system
产品单重: 4 oz
注意: People who consume no more than 30 grams a day, colds and fevers, body inflammation, and diarrhea should follow the doctor's advice. Moisture-proof, odor-proof, low-temperature refrigeration.

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Black fruit goji berry, alias: su goji berry, commonly known as: black goji berry. It is a unique desert medicinal plant variety in western China, produced in eastern Qinghai Province, northern Xinjiang, Gansu, Tibet and other places in China. Black fruit goji berry is so far determined natural proanthocyanidin content of wild plants, after determination, black fruit goji berry contains 17 kinds of amino acids, 13 kinds of trace elements, of which calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron content are higher than red goji berry, nutritional value is also far higher than ordinary red goji berry, known as "soft gold".

Nutritional value of black goji berries
Black fruit goji berry is sweet and flat, rich in protein, fat, sugar, free amino acids, organic acids, minerals, trace elements, alkaloids, vitamin C, B1, B2 and other nutrients. Moreover, it is rich in black fruit pigment - natural proanthocyanidins (red fruit goji berries do not contain), and its OPC content exceeds that of blueberries (black fruit goji berries contain OPC 3690mg/100g; Blueberries contain OPC 330~3380mg/100g).

How to eat?
Black goji berries can be eaten directly or made into tea, medicinal and soaked wine (brewed wine can be brewed and drunk immediately, but it is better to drink it after a month).

Adults soak 3-6 grams of black goji berries in water every day (that is, 5-10 black goji berries per day are the best), dry eating about 5-10 grams of goji berries is more appropriate, you can also increase or decrease the amount according to your own consumption to achieve the best effect; Be sure to stick to it for a long time and eat a little every day to see results. Soak in water, not at high temperature (it is recommended to warm water at about 60 degrees Celsius).



Soak in warm water/hot water for 15 minutes, and the cyan color will change into different colors with the temperature/pH of the water.