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产地: China
产品特点: Fresh chestnuts are selected to be shelled, peeled and freeze-dried at low temperature.
产品功效: Low sugar 0 fat high dietary fiber, raw granules can be used for chestnut stewed chicken, chestnut roast meat and other dishes, stirred can be made into chestnut cake.
适用人群: Good for all age.
产品单重: 0.5 /1 lb
注意: This is a dry raw chestnut, raw food is not digestible and will have an astringent taste, please cook and eat. To avoid changes in moisture quality, please unpack and refrigerate.

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Although the nutritional and health value of chestnuts is high, it also needs to be eaten properly. Dr. Fan said that chestnuts can not be eaten in large quantities at one time, eating too much is easy to bloat, only need to eat six or seven a day, stick to it can achieve a good nourishing effect. Dr. Fan also suggested that it is better for people to snack on chestnuts between meals, or eat them in meals, rather than after meals

Eat in quantity. This is because chestnuts contain more starch, and eating after meals is easy to consume too many calories, which is not conducive to maintaining weight.

Usage: Raw or cooked food, "while simmering in oil and stir-frying, it is better than boiling and steaming." (Compendium of Materia Medica)

Note: Not suggest eating Raw chestnut.



It needs to be soaked in water for 8 hours.