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XLSEAFOOD Indonesian Premium Natural Bird's Nest Strips (Regular)

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规格: Excellent value for money bird's nest
产地: Sumatra, Indonesia
产品特点: Compared with the original bird's nest, the fiber filament gap of the bird's strip is larger because of washing. The remaining swallow feathers and impurities will be less than the original lamp. Bird's nest is ivory white or light yellow, with the unique fragrance of bird's nest, large package (250g/500g) will have a stronger taste, many first-time customers mistakenly think that "musty smell", but in fact it is the inherent taste of natural bird's nest.
产品功效: Nourishing and nourishing the complexion, improving physical fitness
适用人群: Nourishing and nourishing the complexion, improving physical fitness
产品单重: 250g
注意: Note: "Jinpinyan" and "XLSEAFOOD" are both our bird's nest brands. In order to ensure the elasticity of bird's nest fiber, the dryness of bird's nest is 90%, because bird's nest is stored in the refrigerator, so it is normal for the inner wall of the box to condense when placed at room temperature. Natural bird's nest is hand-picked out of impurities, and small impurities will remain in the bird's nest. Customers who have not tried it are recommended to buy a tasting kit. Those who tolerate impurities 0 or do not like the "musty" taste of bird's nest should take a detour and do not disturb >_< Special products, once sold, do not accept returns and exchanges, please purchase the sample first to be satisfied before purchasing this product.

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In Indonesia's rainforest regions, wild swifts nest in artificially built swallow sheds to lay eggs and nurse their youngsters during the rainy season.

After the swallows leave the nest, workers harvest the nest and pick the swift's nest. 

After picking the bird's nest, the bird's nest with complete appearance is sorted out, and according to the size of the bird's sac, the integrity of the bird's nest, and the clarity (degree of impurities and staining) enter the manual cleaning process.

Bird's nest with good quality and high clarity will enter the manual operation area for manual cleaning (commonly known as "ancient dry picking"), that is, the dirt in the bird's nest, such as miscellaneous hair, dirt and grass, is selected by hand.

After cleaning up, the swallow lamp enters the sorting operation area. According to the color and appearance of the bird's nest, it will be sorted into different A grades.


Bird's nest with good appearance and low clarity (commonly known as "Mao Yan") will enter the manual operation area for washing and cleaning (commonly known as "wet cleaning"), that is, the dirt of the bird's nest will be cleaned with water. After wet cleaning, part of the bird's nest lamp may be destroyed, and the gap between the bird's nest fibers will become larger. 

After wet cleaning, bird's nest will be dried into strips, referred to as bird's nest strips.

Generally speaking, 4A level bird's nest, after wet cleaning, it is small bird's nest strips, 5A/6A level bird's nest, after wet cleaning, it is a large bird's nest strip.

Above: Photo of small bird's nest strips

Below: Photo of large bird's nest strips


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  • 泡发用的水,夏季要用冷水,冬季则要用温水。
  • 燕窝用水浸泡两个小时后,捞出并拣去羽毛与杂志,然後放入沸水锅中,加盖焖浸約30分钟。
  • 如尚未柔软,可換沸水再焖浸30分钟,在烹調过程中還有煨煮过程,不可泡发过久。 适合用时再捞出,泡入凉水备用。
  • 用前,下入沸水锅氽2分钟左右后再烹。



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