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XLSEAFOOD Grade Premium Sun-Dried Ecuador Shelled White Prawn Shrimp #500

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产地: Dried shrimps sourced fresh from Ecuador.
产品特点: Tasty! Chewy meat rich in nature sweet and fresh taste. If eat as snack, please heat 30 seconds in Microwave oven for disinfection. Easy to cook the shrimp with multi-culture fusion, eastern and western style food.
产品功效: 500-600 pcs each lb. Shell, head, tail removed, steam before sun dried. Nutritious! High in protein, low in calories, and low carb.
产品单重: 0.5/1 lb
注意: Note: All dry shrimps are 85% dry so please refrigerated them when package received to maintain its premium flavor,once open please keep rest in frozen area.

Price USD | 1lb #500 (450-600 pcs/lb) $44.99

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Product characteristics

  • Ecuadorian white prawns, steamed and then air-dried.
  • The product is pure shrimp meat with the head and tail and shell.
  • The salt input in the air drying process is 5%, and the dryness is 83%
  • Shrimp meat is complete, full of meat quality, full of umami, is full of umami nutritious food.

    10 pounds of fresh shrimp can be produced to 1 pound of dried shrimp.

    • #100:10-25 live Ecuadorian white shrimp
    • #300:30-50 live Ecuadorian white shrimp
    • #500:50-80 live Ecuadorian white shrimp

      Shrimp, also known as sea rice or dried shrimp, is a seafood white shrimp, red shrimp, green shrimp blanched in salt water and dried, put into a bag, fluttered and kneaded, wind and sifted, peeled and impurities, that is, by adding salt to cook, drying, drying, shelling and other processes to make products. Because it is like rice in the valley, it is called sea rice.

      With white shrimp as the best product, the color and taste are good, and the food is beautiful. The white shrimp has long whiskers, and the body and flesh are white, so the predecessors have the chant of "curved body boy jade waist, two inches of silver whiskers and one inch of muscle".

      The rice is soaked with water before eating, the meat is soft and tender, the taste is fresh and mellow, and it is suitable for frying, stir-frying, steaming and boiling.

      Haimi is rich in nutrients, rich in calcium, phosphorus and other trace elements that are beneficial to the human body, and is a good source of calcium for the human body, including dairy products and eggs. T

      he protein content of sea rice is very high, more than 55%, and the protein content is also high in dairy products and various legumes. So rice is also a good food.