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XLSEAFOOD CHINA Grade Premium Eucommiaulmoides

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产地: China
产品特点: 40-year-old sulfur-free, non-bleaching eucommia bark
产品功效: Main lumbar pain, tonify the essence and qi, strengthen the muscles and bones, strengthen the will, remove itching and wetness under the vagina, and urinate and drain.
适用人群: It is especially suitable for the elderly with low back pain, and it is also a daily waist supplement health supplement for mothers during confinement.
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Modern research eucommia has the effect of removing garbage in the body, strengthening the metabolism of human cell substances, preventing musculoskeletal aging, balancing human blood pressure, decomposing cholesterol in the body, reducing body fat, restoring vascular elasticity, diuresis and clearing heat, broad-spectrum antibacterial, stimulating the central nervous system, and improving the pharmacology of white blood cells.

Suitable: middle-aged and elderly people with insufficient kidney qi, waist and knee pain, weak legs and feet, residual urine, women with weak constitution, kidney qi is not solid, fetal leakage and habitual miscarriage; polio sequelae, children walking too late, weakness of both lower limbs; Patients with high blood pressure.

Taboo: Du Zhong has a peaceful taste, nourishes the liver and kidneys, and has nothing to taboo.