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XLSEAFOOD CHINA Grade Premium Nature Unsulphure Goji Berry 8OZ 0.5LB

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产地: Ningxia, China
产品特点: Ningxia organic goji berries, large, full, oblong, seeds less fleshy, sweet taste, sweet aftertaste, red color, light soaking water, light naked seeds, easy to float in soaked water
产品功效: Sweet taste, flat sex. Nourish liver and kidney, improve shrewd eyes.
适用人群: Suitable for all ages
产品单重: 0.5lb/5lb
注意: People who consume no more than 30 grams a day, colds and fevers, body inflammation, and diarrhea should follow the doctor's advice.

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Product Highlights

Origin: China

Grade: Premium

Good for eyes

Goji berry, also known as goji berry fruit, white pimple needle, and punmi buru. It belongs to the nightshade family.

The fruit, root bark and young leaves can be used in Chinese medicine. Mainly distributed in Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other places. With Ningxia as the main production area, the quality of goji berries produced in Zhongning County in Ningxia is the best. It is the "red treasure" at the head of the "Ningxia Five Treasures".

Ningxia is the origin of goji berries, which have been cultivated for more than 500 years. Goji berries are bright color, large grains, thin skin, thick flesh, few seeds, sweet, excellent quality, is a variety of goji berries listed in the new Chinese pharmacopoeia, the State Medical Administration designated Ningxia as the national medicinal goji berry production area, introduced into the country one of the top ten medicinal materials production base. In the "Compendium of Materia Medica", an outstanding medicinal scientist of the Ming Dynasty, Ningxia goji berries are listed as the top grade of this scripture, saying that "the whole country enters the medicine berries, all are ningxia production", which means that Ningxia goji berries are in the forefront of China in terms of medicinal efficacy and nutritional value.

The Shennong Materia Medica, the first ancient book to include goji berries in traditional Chinese medicine. For more than 2,000 years, goji berries have been widely rumored to be a precious Chinese medicine.

In the "Taiping Shenghuifang" compiled by the Hanlin Medical Institute of the Northern Song Dynasty, it is recorded that a woman who took goji leaves, flowers, seeds and roots all year round and lived up to 370 years old.

Ming Li Shizhen's "Compendium of Materia Medica" recorded: "Goji berry leaves are picked in spring, named Tianjing grass; summer flowers, famous evergreen grass; Autumn picker, name goji berry; Winter roots, famous bone skin".

Four flavors are paired with Wu Cheng Pill, and there is an elder who often takes it, but "lives white and old, walks like a fly, turns white and turns black, and teeth fall into life."