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Xlseafood 1st Class Sun Dried(Half Dried) Hokkaido Sun Dried Conpoy

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产地: Hokkaido, Japan
产品特点: Taste is rich in umami
产品功效: Nature unami resource for soup and porridge
产品单重: 0.5/1 lb
注意: Half Dried scallops (75% dryness). The dried scallops sold by our company are dried from river scallops, non-nuclear radiation production area products, which can be sold in the United States after passing the US FDA and epidemic prevention inspection。

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About Dried scallops

Dried scallops, also known as "Yuanbei" or "Jiang Yao Zhu", are made of the closed shell muscles of scallops, sun and moon shells, and Jiang Fu shells, commonly known as "Yao Zhu". The shape is a short cylinder, with column ribs on the side of the body, the color is different from dark and light yellow, and some have been stored for a long time with white frost.

The meat of dried scallops is tender, the meat taste is sweet, and it has a special fresh flavor, and the larger the particles, the better the taste.
It can be combined with other ingredients or cooked alone, and it is a favorite seafood treasure.
When making dried scallops, only the stigma meat of fresh dried scallops is selected for drying in the sun, and the shell edge and other parts are not used.
Dried scallops are produced in Japan, China and Vietnam, with Japanese scallops being the highest quality, followed by Chinese scallops and then Vietnamese scallops.

Highly nutritious seasoned products

"Materia Medica" says: It can "lower the qi, benefit the five internal organs, and cure thirst";
"Seeking the Origin of Materia Medica" says: "Nourish true yin and stop urinating".
Yaozhu is rich in protein and a small amount of iodine, and its effect is similar to that of seaweed and kelp, but it contains a very rich aroma, and the taste is more delicious and delicious, whether it is used as a main ingredient or ingredient, it can highlight or add to the deliciousness of the dish.

Japanese scallops

There are two main types of dried scallops: "Soya scallops" and "Aomori scallops", but it has been observed that merchants in the US market generally only label dried scallops as "Japanese dried scallops" or "Soya scallops", while "Aomori scallops" are less common.
Soya Scallops: Soya is a place name located in Hokkaido, Japan, and is the most famous place where dried scallops are produced. Zonggu dried scallops are large in size, golden in color, dry on the surface, generally with a few cracks, and of high quality, and the taste is particularly strong.
Aomori Dried Scallops: Aomori is the northernmost prefecture on the Japanese island of Honshu, located south of Hokkaido, and is also rich in dried scallops. Aomori dried scallops are slightly smaller in size than Soya dried scallops, and the taste is not as fragrant as Soya dried scallops, but it is sweeter; The color is generally light golden yellow, the shellfish grain texture is looser, and the cracks are more obvious.

Inspection of Sotani scallops

Japanese scallops have been food poisoning incidents caused by the "red tide" incident caused by Eplinoflagella, so since Showa 53 (1978), scallops need to pass the shellfish poison safety test and affix the inspection label before they can be marketed.
Because the Soya River is located in the inner river of Hokkaido, it is not listed as a nuclear disaster ban because it is far from the "nuclear disaster" area of Fukushima and the coast of Japan. All Hokkaido, Japan, Jiang Yaozhu, entering the United States need to go through FDA border inspection and pass before entering the country for sale.

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important hint

1. After buying scallops, pay attention to the storage method, so as not to spoil the scallops due to improper storage. Chinese scallops are generally not dry enough, so they must be stored in the refrigerator as soon as possible. Once the plastic bag for storing scallops is opened, it will lose its sealing function. Therefore, the remaining scallops should be put into a dense bag before putting them in the refrigerator.

2. The Japanese Soya dried scallops with a strong taste have a lot of salt and should not be exposed to water to avoid spoilage. After the plastic bag for storing scallops is opened, it is best to put the remaining scallops into a tight bag before putting them in the refrigerator. Japanese Aomori scallops with a sweet taste have less salt content, so they can be placed in airtight containers, such as glass bottles, and stored in a place out of direct sunlight, or in the refrigerator.


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The function of scallops is nourishing yin and nourishing kidney. It is rich in protein and a small amount of iodine. Its effect is similar to that of seaweed and kelp, but it contains a very strong fragrance, which is more delicious and delicious. Whether it is the main ingredient or the ingredient, it can highlight or add to the deliciousness of the dish. . Cantonese people like to put some scallops in soup or porridge to add umami taste.

Today we will introduce a Cantonese banquet staple dish with scallops as the main ingredient - Hong Kong-style fried rice with scallops from Soya . The ingredients are natural and the flavor is strong, which will definitely add a color to your life, and also add a flavor (bi) flavor (ge) to your family banquet.

Ingredients needed (for 2 people):

Several kale stems

2 eggs

2 heads of garlic

Asahi Dragon Line Japanese Soya Dried Scallops 4-6 Capsules


250g plain rice


Step 1: Shred the scallops

Wash the dried scallops , soak them in water for 30 minutes, steam them for 10 minutes, remove the shreds, and steam the scallop juice for later use.


Step 2: Stir-Fried Kale Slices

After the frying pan is heated up, add a little oil, fry the garlic slices, then add the sliced ​​kale, stir-fry quickly for 1 minute, take it out and set aside.


Step Three: Scramble the Eggs

Continue to heat the pan, add the oil and heat it up, add the beaten egg liquid and fry until the egg liquid is solidified, then take it out.


Step 4: Fried Rice

Put the white rice in the crude oil pan, add an appropriate amount of steamed yaozhu juice to stir-fry the white rice, fry the white rice until the rice grains are loose, then pour all the previously fried ingredients and scallops into the rice, and stir-fry over high heat until the ingredients and rice are evenly distributed Finally, add light soy sauce, salt, and pepper to taste and serve.


Finished product display


The fried rice with scallops is golden in color and has a strong aroma. The pliable texture of Jiang scallops is paired with a fresh and sweet taste, and it is paired with fragrant rice grains, which will make people's index fingers move and their appetite will open up.

This dish is most suitable for uninvited guests who suddenly come to eat at home, and when there is no good food prepared at home, even if there is only such a high-quality fried rice, it can directly shock the audience. without losing face.