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XLSEAFOOD Dried Wild Caught Alaska Sea Cucumber(sample)

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规格: 红参均系2021年秋季新季产红参。。特级小号2只
产地: 美国海参,天然捕捞自阿拉斯加无污染的外海区域
产品特点: 味鲜脆爽,参筋粗壮
产品功效: 提升白血球,提升免疫力,修复关节,抗癌首选
适用人群: 中老年人,癌症患者,免疫力低下者
产品单重: 2 super small red ginseng, about 1 oz
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注意: 红参因参筋偏长,活参出水初加工去内脏时需要用刀刮除内脏,有可能导致内筋生断裂。因此小部分红参风干后有“断筋”现象。此为正常现象,并不影响品质,请放心食用。因红参为不规则产品且锋利多刺,无法装入我们的红色礼袋,因此所有红参常规装产品均由高强度透明PVC塑封包装,包装只做抽气处理而非真空处理,不额外提供礼袋。注意:野生海参以吞噬海底珊瑚和沉积物为生,因此肚内可能会残留泥沙,泡发时需清理干净。(等级大小对比图,请查看" 规格说明 "。)

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About Alaska Sea Cucumber / California Griant Sea Cucumber (Parastichopus californicus)

Click below to view the video

Red sea cucumbers are found along the North Pacific coast, from Alaska to California.

With the change of latitude, red ginseng in different regions showed different color signs to match different geomorphological features.

Generally speaking, the colder the water temperature, the more yellow the sea cucumber, and the hotter the area, the more red or even black.

In Alaska, due to the low sea temperature, sea cucumbers have a long growth cycle.

Due to industrial pollution and strict restrictions on red ginseng fishing, sea cucumbers in Alaska are generally thicker than sea cucumbers in Canada or Seattle, with thick tendons, which is the best quality of sea cucumber varieties.

Below: XLSEAFOOD's newly caught Alaskan sea cucumber (red ginseng swells because the atmospheric pressure of the effluent is lower than the water pressure)

Alaskan sea cucumbers are rich in chondroitin sulfate and bone collagen.

Both are important components of cartilage tissue.

Therefore, sea cucumber is a good tonic for patients with low back and leg diseases caused by joint strain.

Below: XLSEAFOOD's newly caught Alaskan sea cucumber

Due to the long growth cycle of Alaskan sea cucumber, the flesh wall and inner meridian are abnormally hypertrophied compared with other sea cucumbers, which can enrich the unique biotoxin - sea cucumber saponins and other sea cucumber polysaccharides.

The compound can inhibit cell proliferation, especially for malignant tumors with abnormal proliferation.

Sea cucumbers have also become famous as being listed as organisms that can extract anti-cancer substances.

XLSEAFOOD Alaskan sea cucumber (Dried Sea cucumber details display)

XLSEAFOOD Alaskan sea cucumber ( Sea cucumber after soaking details display)



Here How is The top Alaskan wild red sea cucumber born! 

The secret of the sea cucumber factory is revealed!

Looking at the beautiful plump red sea cucumber in your hand, can you imagine how it slips and wriggles on the bottom of Alaska?

As a senior foodie, with the spirit of scientific exploration, the editor decided to study how the sea cucumbers eaten were made.

Therefore, this time I came to the sea cucumber factory behind the scenes of XLSEAFOOD to "explore", and took everyone to truly feel the story behind the production of sea cucumbers with real photos.

The First seven days: artisanal harvesting of live sea cucumbers
Alaskan red sea cucumbers are found on the ice seabed at depths of 2 to 50 meters, and trawling cannot be used to ensure the integrity of the phase.

Therefore, each sea cucumber is picked up by divers diving into 2 degrees of ice water with both hands.

Because the Alaskan sea will be closed in October, the open period of sea cucumber fishing is very short, and to say that it is fishing is actually a race against the clock!

Below: XLSEAFOOD's newly caught Alaskan sea cucumber

The second seven days: the first treatment of the "beauty pageant"
Red sea cucumbers caught in season are gutted and excess water removed to ensure freshness, and then frozen and immediately transported to XLSEAFOOD's Alaska processing plant for processing.

Because sea cucumbers will begin to hydrolyze in 4 hours at room temperature, delivery is also a matter of seconds!!

"Pageant" sorting:
At XLSEAFOOD's sea cucumber factory, workers conduct a "beauty pageant" of red sea cucumbers.

The poorly looking red sea cucumber is "peeled off", and then the stripped tendon and skin are cooked in salted water and then packaged into frozen "instant osmanthus pounds" or "instant sea cucumber skins".

Only intact original sea cucumbers will be sent to XLSEAFOOD's California sea cucumber drying farm.

Below: XLSEAFOOD factory real shot Alaskan sea cucumber sorting

For another 4 more Seven days, XLSEAFOOD exclusive air-drying process:

After the selection, the good quality raw sea cucumber should first be cleaned and desalted with clean water, then artificially punctured and stretched one by one to ensure that the product is straight, and then exposed to the California sun for 3-4 weeks.

During this period, in order to ensure uniform air drying, the sea cucumber must be manually turned over one by one every other day, and the processing will be completed only after the drying degree reaches 92%.

In order to ensure the quality of red ginseng, salt, sugar, lime or other chemicals can not be added throughout the production process.
Note that the whole process is completely handmade! Everyone knows how expensive labor is in the United States, especially the California minimum wage has been rising.....

Below: XLSEAFOOD factory real shot Alaskan sea cucumber drying

The difference between salt-dried and light-dried processes

Salt-dried red ginseng (inferior)

original strip sea cucumber, boiled in seawater or saturated brine, and then dried with salt and grass ash is called salt-dried sea cucumber, which is the traditional processing method of salt-dried sea cucumber.

According to the number of times the salt is coated, it is called salt once, salt twice... Five times salt, etc.

The higher the number of salt passes, the greater the single weight of the sea cucumber, the worse the quality, more than three times of salt dried sea cucumber, not only the surface is covered with a thick salt shell, the colloidal structure and nutrients of the sea cucumber will also be destroyed by salt, and even cause damage to the body.

Light dry red ginseng (excellent)

low-salt whole dried red ginseng, also known as light dried sea cucumber, is first put directly in fresh water to boil and disinfect, and then use advanced equipment through low-temperature dehydration and air-drying processing.

The light-drying process preserves the nutrients and meat taste of sea cucumber to the greatest extent.

The final Seven Days: Sorting and Launching

After finishing the air dried, the red sea cucumber needs to be "pageant" again. According to different sizes, specifications and appearances, XLSEAFOOD will divide them into 7 different sizes and grades such as super grade and grade two, as well as mini - extra-large.

After packaging, it is delivered to the tables of thousands of families to bring healthy and green food to all customers.
Therefore, during the whole process, a pure wild Alaskan red sea cucumber has to go through about 49 days to become a top-quality light dried sea cucumber.


红 参 特 级 和 二 级 对 比


  • 泡发海参,每天应检验海参的软硬度
  • 个别红参,由于肉质偏薄,会导致泡发不均匀而出现局部过软的现象,这是正常的
  • 局部变软的红参,泡发时间应相应缩短
  • 破损和变形的二级红参,局部变软的概率会大于特级红参 

红 参 尺 寸 对 比


从左至右依次为: 特大号/大号/中号/小号的干参对比图



1. 旭龙行特大号阿拉斯加红参干参和泡发图                                                               2. 旭龙行大号阿拉斯加红参干参和泡发图

hongshen     hongshen


3. 旭龙行中号阿拉斯加红参干参和泡发图                                                               4. 旭龙行小号阿拉斯加红参干参和泡发图

hongshen     hongshen6

5. 旭龙行迷你号阿拉斯加红参干参和泡发图



About the video of Alaska red ginseng hair soaking , click below to view the video



旭龙行阿拉斯加红参特大号 Alaska Sea Cucumber旭龙行阿拉斯加红参特大号特级阿拉斯加红参 Alaska Sea Cucumber特级阿拉斯加红参 Alaska Sea CucumberAlaska Sea CucumberAlaska Sea CucumberAlaska Sea CucumberAlaska Sea CucumberAlaska Sea CucumberAlaska Sea CucumberAlaska Sea CucumberAlaska Sea CucumberAlaska Sea Cucumber 阿拉斯加红参 Alaska Sea Cucumber 阿拉斯加红参 5Alaska Sea Cucumber 阿拉斯加红参 Alaska Sea Cucumber 阿拉斯加红参 Alaska Sea Cucumber 阿拉斯加红参 Alaska Sea Cucumber 阿拉斯加红参 Alaska Sea Cucumber 阿拉斯加红参 Alaska Sea Cucumber 阿拉斯加红参 阿拉斯加红参买家秀 Alaska Sea Cucumber 阿拉斯加红参 阿拉斯加红参买家秀 Alaska Sea Cucumber阿拉斯加红参买家秀 Alaska Sea Cucumber

阿拉斯加红参买家秀 Alaska Sea Cucumber阿拉斯加红参买家秀 Alaska Sea Cucumber 阿拉斯加红参

阿拉斯加红参买家秀Alaska Sea Cucumber 阿拉斯加红参 阿拉斯加红参买家秀Alaska Sea Cucumber 阿拉斯加红参 阿拉斯加红参买家秀 Alaska Sea Cucumber 阿拉斯加红参