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规格: 墨西哥加州湾深海的野生大石斑魚
产地: 食疗滋阴,固肾培精
产品特点: 怀孕待产,产后修复
产品功效: 胶体厚实透亮,含有丰富的蛋白质和胶质
适用人群: 10
产品单重: 10 pounds
注意: 干花胶保存需要在冰箱冷藏保存,避免生虫。(大小对比图,请查看" 规格说明 ")

单价(美元/10磅) | #4(4-5片/磅)

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南 美 蝴 蝶 胶


蝴蝶胶味甘、性平,入肾、肝经,具有补肾益精,滋养筋脉、止血、散瘀、消肿之功效;主治产后风痉、血崩、创伤出血,能显著改善产妇性贫血。 所以蝴蝶胶最适合产孕妇人群服用。因近年捕捞过量,目前野生巨型石斑鱼数量剧减,导致蝴蝶胶价格年年攀升。

陈 胶 vs 新 胶

花胶按照年份新旧,有新胶和陈年胶之分。 新胶较白身呈透明,口感黏腻; 陈年花胶则较深黄,满布裂纹,全无黏性。 疗效方面,陈年胶不伤脾胃,较新胶容易吸收,更滋补。 因花胶可以长年保存而品质不坏,因此花胶也被不少人视作长期投资的项目,储藏增值。

花 胶 的 性 别

花胶的性别不是鱼的性别,而是花胶本身口感和形态的分类。花胶分性别只限于名贵品种如金钱鳌才有意义,其他一般口感不大,故无需做分类。从营养角度来说,鱼肚的性别差异没大分别,如果是自用的,则无所谓公母。 雄肚(即花胶公)长形,呈V形纹,肚身中部厚而侧边薄,煲后结实而有弹性,更为爽滑弹牙;雌肚身横、呈波浪纹、肚身中部和侧边厚度一样,质感较薄,煲后容易溶化。

花 胶 的 干 度 和 重 量

同一品种的花胶, 按照干度来区分,越干身越好; 按照重量来区分,重量越大的规格,价格就越高。 所谓“十斤鱼一两胶”。可见一个几两重的花胶,鱼身就要几十斤重,而且大部分是生活在深水中,不能养殖。因为近年来海洋不断受到污染,导致大部分的鱼产量越来越少,甚至有些鱼种已濒临灭绝边缘。可以说好的、优质的花胶越来越难得了。  




1. 旭龙行特大号蝴蝶胶干胶图和泡发图

yudu2        yudu1

2. 旭龙行大号蝴蝶胶干胶图和泡发图

yudu3        yudu4

3. 旭龙行中号蝴蝶胶干胶图和泡发图

 yudu5        yudu6

4. 旭龙行小号蝴蝶胶干胶图和泡发图

yudu7        yudu8


Click the picture below to view the teaching video of good flower gum foam hair



In hot weather, I have no appetite to eat anything. Loss of appetite + headache, when talking about these two things, many girls first think of dysmenorrhea.

Here, we must first know why girls with dysmenorrhea are suitable for this stew. Brown sugar, which mainly contains vitamin B and iron, can nourish the blood and warm the body.

Fish maw can nourish the kidney and essence, nourish the tendons, and can treat kidney deficiency and slippery essence and postpartum (postpartum food) wind spasm. The waist and knees are sore and weak, and the body is weak. It is most suitable for regular consumption. When cooking, if ginger is added, it will have the effect of dispelling cold. Because during menstruation, women often feel weak waist and knees, weak body, cold lower abdomen, and even abdominal cramps. For women with short menstrual periods, less menstrual flow, dysmenorrhea, and cold belly, stewed fish maw with brown sugar is a very effective tonic, and it can reduce people's anger and make her happy when she is emotionally unstable. Without further ado, let's quickly enter our cooking tutorial today. (Click to view video)

Ingredients selection:

Xulongxing Mexican Butterfly Glue (Use as big as possible if possible, 1 large piece of butterfly glue, cut into 4 pieces after soaking in water. (For the method of soaking, please refer to the flower glue page of Xulongxing official website)

20g brown sugar 4 dried longan, 4 wolfberry, 1 red date, 1 sliced ​​ginger

Ingredients for cooking:

Put all the ingredients into the stewing pot, fill it with water, cover it, put it in a pot, fill it with water, bring it to a boil on high heat and continue steaming for 60 minutes.

Appreciation of the finished product:

The stewed pepper brown sugar water is cool and dark brown, because the collagen in the fish maw is incorporated into the brown sugar water, so you can feel the stickiness of the gelatin when you drink it.

The rich sweetness of brown sugar and the pungent taste of ginger blend together. After drinking it, you will feel the feeling of warming your stomach immediately. Due to the high-temperature cooking, part of the gum has been dissolved into the sugar water.

But it still retains quite a thick gelatin, which melts in the mouth, plump and delicious! The method is very simple, hurry up and learn!