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XLSEAFOOD Premium Nature Unsulphure Dried Lilium

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产地: China
产品特点: Bulk dragon tooth lily
产品功效: It is often used for yin deficiency cough, labor coughing up blood, weakness and palpitations, insomnia and dreams, mental trance.
产品单重: 0.5 lbs

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Lily, English name Lilium's main application value is ornamental, its bulbs are rich in starch, some varieties can be eaten as vegetables, often made into dried lilies for sale in China, can clear heat and detoxify, is considered a healthy food. Dried lilies are soaked and stir-fried, then crushed for soups or starched.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that lilies are slightly cold and flat, have the effect of clearing fire, moisturizing the lungs and calming the spirit, and its flowers and bulbs can be used in medicine, and are a kind of flower that is used both medicine and food.