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XLSEAFOOD Premium Taiwan Dry mussel meat

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产地: Twaiwan
产品特点: TAIWAN COASTAL MUSSELS (MUSSELS) ARE SHELLED AND DRIED, AND THE LENGTH OF A SINGLE SHELLFISH IS 1.5-2CM, CONTAINING ABOUT 150-200 PIECES PER POUND. The meat is crisp, sweet, stir-fried, and the stew is an excellent ingredient for cooking
产品功效: Nourish yin and aphrodisiac, replenish qi and nourish blood system
适用人群: Whole family
产品单重: 0.5/1 lb
注意: Refrigerated and stored

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Mussels, the name of Chinese medicine. It is the meat of mussels thick-shelled mussels Mytilus coruscus Gould, mussels Mytilus edulis Linnaeus, Emerald mussel Perna viridis (Linnaeus) and other mussels. Thick-shelled mussels are distributed in the Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea and East China Sea; Mussels are distributed in the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea; Emerald mussels are found in the South China Sea and the southern East China Sea. It has the effect of tonifying liver and kidney, invigorating sperm and blood, and eliminating galls. It is often used for fatigue and thinness, dizziness, night sweats, impotence, low back pain, vomiting blood, leakage, banding, galls.

Product characteristics

  • The product is made of fresh mussels from Taiwan's coastal coast after shelling, taking meat, steaming and drying.
  • The dryness is 80-85%, the color is dark brown, and the shellfish flesh is full.
  • The umami is heavy and the freshness is high

The oysters selected by Xlseafood are imported from Taiwan, processed and dried using traditional technology, low salt content, and do not add any other chemical agents in the process, which is a green, organic and natural health food.





    1、Clear water + hot water + clean water。When washing dried mussels, first rinse the dirty things on the surface with clean water, and then soak them in hot water for 1-2 hours, and if you find that the dried mussels are frothy, you can fish out the mussels and continue to rinse them with clean water.

    2、Remove the black stomach.After rinsing the mussels, it is necessary to remove the things that are not eaten, the most important is the hairy part in the middle of the mussels, that is, its stomach, black, after removing these, remove the sand, and rinse it once in clean water.

    3、Remove the gills.On the outside of dried mussels you can find some small hairs, soft, in fact, the gills of these dried mussels, close to smell, found very fishy, and there is a lot of sand hidden inside, so these must be removed.