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XLSEAFOOD Grade Premium Sun Dried Hiroshima Oyster from Japan

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产地: This product is made of whole Hiroshima oyster meat after steaming and air-drying.
产品特点: Japanese oyster sauce is rich in umami, suitable for cooking such as stews/porridge, and has excellent flavor ingredients
产品功效: The meat is crispy, stir-fried, and the stew has an excellent cooking flavor.
适用人群: Good for family.
产品单重: 0.5/1 lb
注意: Note: Please refrigerated them when package received to maintain its premium flavor, once open please keep rest in frozen area.

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Oysters, also known as "dried oysters", is a dried product of seafood, oyster (also known as oyster) meat. It is a famous traditional dish in Guangdong and belongs to the Cantonese cuisine. Mainly produced in Guangdong, it is a must-eat dish for Guangdong people during the Spring Festival.
Oysters, alias oysters, sea oysters, is a popular seafood food, its meat is rich in nutrition, containing protein 45~57%, fat 7~11%, liver sugar 19~38%, in addition to a large amount of vitamins, known as "sea milk". Oysters are shellfish and are one of the main objects of shellfish culture.
There are two ways to make oysters: generally fresh oyster meat and juice are cooked together, and then dried or dried to make "cooked oysters".
If you want to maintain the full flavor, you will not cook it, and the oyster meat will be dried directly, which is famous as "raw oysters".
Product characteristics

  • The product is made by shelling fresh Japanese oysters, taking meat, steaming and drying.
  • The dryness is 80-85%, the color is dark brown, and the oyster meat is full.
  • The oysters have a strong flavor and high freshness

The oysters selected by Xlseafood are imported from Japan, processed and dried using traditional technology, low salt content, and do not add any other chemical agents in the process, which is a green, organic and natural health food.




    How to cook dried oysters The first is to wash with water soften; The second is to add boiling water to cover and bake through, at this time the fishy smell is removed by half; Third, use ginger, green onion, dried onion to fry thoroughly, then add oyster sauce, sugar, wine, light soy sauce and water and other seasonings and cook for a while, then put it in a bowl, add the seasoning of boiled oysters and steam it. Because oysters are lean and need more oil, they should be steamed with roasted belly, so that the cooked oysters must be sweet and sweet. Remember to stir-fry the shallots until fragrant.