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XLSEAFOOD Premium South African sea conch meat slice

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产地: South Africa
产品特点: Cut the muscles of the snail into chunks after drying fresh. The meat is full, orange-yellow in color, and delicious. The meat is crispy, stir-fried, and the stew is an excellent ingredient for cooking.
产品功效: The difference between the snail piece and the screw head is the difference in meat quality, and the meat quality of the screw head is more delicate.
适用人群: The whole family.
产品单重: 0.5/1 lb
注意: After receipt, it needs to be refrigerated and stored, and the packaging is only pumped instead of vacuumed. The outer skin of the snail is spotted/patterned, and there will be red/black/green spots on the outer skin after slicing and cutting, which is normal, not moldy.

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Product characteristics

  • The muscular part of the ringing snail endemic to South Africa.
  • Low salt fresh drying process, golden color.
  • The foam is simple, the taste is crisp and sweet.

China has a long history of edible snails, which can be traced back to the Sui and Tang dynasties, and was more widely eaten during the Ming and Qing dynasties.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the snail meat is sweet, cool, can be bright, has the effect of appetizing and stagnation, clear eye conditioning, diuresis, edema, nourishing and nourishing the face.
After soaking, the snail is crisp and sweet, both the color and taste are similar to the processed dried abalone, so the sliced snail meat can often be fake real abalone, so the snail slice is also called "abalone flakes".



Soaking method: soak in cold water and refrigerate in the refrigerator, soak for 1 day, and then slice the snail meat after soaking.