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XLseafood Sun Dried Wild Caught Canada Newfoundland Orange-foot Sea Cucumber Gonad Flower

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产地: Canada
产品特点: 加拿大野生叶瓜参的卵巢和肌肉的综合体。
产品功效: The taste is sweet and crisp. Helpful for high uric acid and body fat. Rich in sea cucumber cerebrosides and ceramides, which can help lower uric acid. It contains a long chain of ginseng that also helps inhibit the proliferation of fat cells. Contains a large amount of β carotene, sea urchin violet, astaxanthin, zeaxanthin, canthaxanthin, can nourish the yin and beauty.
适用人群: Good for all ages.
产品单重: 0.5/ 1 lb
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注意: Soak in cold water for 4 days before cooking. The dried sea cucumber flowers are thin and brittle, and it is normal for a small number of eggs to fall off and fall in the sealed bag during transportation. Shed egg masses can also be eaten normally after soaking.

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After Soaking

Product characteristics

  • Dried product of the intestines and eggs of Canadiansea cucumber
  • Follicles weigh more than 50%.
  • The salt content is less than 15%, and the water emission rate is 4 times
  • Contains a large amount of β carotene, sea urchin violet, astaxanthin, zeaxanthin, canthaxanthin, nourishing the yin and beauty, especially suitable for tonifying the body.
  • The taste is crisp and refreshing, with a particularly sweet aroma

More details

XLSEAFOOD produces light dried sea cucumber flowers, selected Canadian sea cucumbers for more than 4 years. The whole air-dried processing process, without adding any salt, sugar and any other chemical agents, is a green, organic and natural health food.

The water hair weight gain rate can reach more than 400%. The sea cucumber flowers after water hair are stamen-shaped, the follicles are solid and not easy to fall, the taste is crisp and sweet, similar to the combination of goose intestine + roe, very suitable for stir-frying or hot pot, so it not only tastes excellent, but also is a high-quality natural tonic ingredient.


泡 发 对 比









Soak in cold water for 4 days, just change the water every day, soak until the sea cucumber flowers soften and then cook.


Customer Reviews

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I am a big fan of Canadian sea cucumbers and decided to try this type of "flower" ( a part of Canadian sea cucumber) after reading a lot of references online. They all mention its special nutrition, even better than sea cucumber itself. After putting the dried "flower" in water for 4 days, I tried two simple ways to cook it. First, I cooked it with other stuff in hot pot together for 8-10 mins to make sure it is fully cooked, it tastes like very soft like beef tripe. The second way is that I cut them in small pieces and cooked it with onions and olive oil first for 10 minutes then adding scrambled eggs for another 3 minutes. OMG! it tastes so delicious! I eat it with congee (porridge) together for breakfast. I feel refreshed after eating it, guess the nutrition working quickly. :) Highly recommend it!