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Xlseafood Sun Dried Wild Caught South America Sea Cucumber (3lb pack)

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规格: The quality is slightly inferior to the Grade premium product (A small part of the sea cucumber skin has cuts). Average 20-30 pcs per lb. Most the sea cucumbers are the Size Large and Medium. 3 lb per pack, single lb packaging service is not provided.
产地: 2023 Naturally harvested from the Caribbean sea
产品特点: The meat is thick and gummy
产品功效: Beauty and beauty, improve the blood system, prepay hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis.
适用人群: Good for all family members
产品单重: 3lb
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注意: Note: There is a honeycomb space in the middle of the outer skin and inner cavity of wild sea cucumber, which is a normal phenomenon and a non-quality problem. Wild sea cucumbers feed on seabed corals and sediments, so sediment may remain in their stomachs that need to be cleaned up when soaking. (For a comparison chart of grade sizes, please refer to the "Specifications".)

Price USD | Grade A MIX SIZE 3lb pack(20-30 pcs/lb)$539.99

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Product characteristics

South American double-row spiny sea cucumber is a close relative of Mexican double-row spiny sea cucumber, and its appearance is very similar to that of Mexican double-row spiny sea cucumber. Live sea cucumbers can reach up to 45 cm in length and are cylindrical; The back is black with two rows of protruding flesh spines on the sides of the ginseng. Generally, rocks are more active, while flesh spines are larger, while those perched on gentler beaches have relatively small spines. The rest of the body can vary from white, brown to brown depending on the habitat. South American double-row spiny sea cucumbers mainly grow in the shallow sea areas of the Caribbean, preferring the fine sand seabed and rocky reefs with slow currents and rich seaweed, and use their tentacles to eat sediments from the seabed.
The difference between South American double-row spiny sea cucumber and Mexican double-row spiny sea cucumber


Mexican double-row spiny sea cucumber fat and short. South American double-row spiny sea cucumbers are relatively slender.


Mexican double-row spiny sea cucumber is rich in gum, and the outer skin to the middle of the inner cavity is filled with hypertrophic gum, while the South American double-row spiny sea cucumber has a hollow layer in the middle of the outer skin and inner cavity.

Soaking :

The water recovery rate of Mexican double-row spiny sea cucumbers can reach more than 6 times, and the South American double-row spiny sea cucumber is about 5 times.

The difference between salt-dried and light-dried processes

Salt-dried sea cucumber (inferior)

original strip sea cucumber, boiled in seawater or saturated brine, and then dried with salt and grass ash is called salt-dried sea cucumber, which is the traditional processing method of salt-dried sea cucumber.

According to the number of times the salt is coated, it is called salt once, salt twice... Five times salt, etc.

The higher the number of salt passes, the greater the single weight of the sea cucumber, the worse the quality, more than three times of salt dried sea cucumber, not only the surface is covered with a thick salt shell, the colloidal structure and nutrients of the sea cucumber will also be destroyed by salt, and even cause damage to the body.

Light dry sea cucumber(excellent)

low-salt whole dried red ginseng, also known as light dried sea cucumber, is first put directly in fresh water to boil and disinfect, and then use advanced equipment through low-temperature dehydration and air-drying processing.

The light-drying process preserves the nutrients and meat taste of sea cucumber to the greatest extent.





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