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XLSEAFOOD CHINA Guangdong Xinhui Grade Premium Organic Nature Unsulphure 1-Year-Aged Tangerinepeel

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产地: China
产品特点: Xinhui 2021 Winter Meeting Big Red Mandarin is selected, hand-opened and then dried and aged for 1 year. The outer skin is vermilion, the oil chamber is dense, and the tangerine peel has a rich aroma.
产品功效: Soaking in water and drinking can regulate qi and strengthen the spleen, dry and humidify phlegm
产品单重: 4 oz
注意: Tangerine peel is brittle and brittle, so there are whole pieces in each pack, there is no guarantee that the pieces are the same, and the pictures are for reference only.

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Chen Pi Introduction

As the name suggests, tangerine peel is naturally a citrus peel that has been left for a long time. Its complete definition is the dried peel of the fruit citrus after drying treatment. This kind of peel can be stored for a long time if it is kept dry, so it is called tangerine peel. It can be seen that fresh citrus peel is not equal to tangerine peel. Not only that, but not all fresh citrus peels can be made into tangerine peels. Only ripe citrus peels can be made into tangerine peels. And the quality of the tangerine peel is relatively good, there are very strict requirements for the time to take the peel, some places to make tangerine peel citrus, the flesh is still a little time away from ripening, generally not edible.

The older the Tan, the better?

In fact, natural drying and preservation of aged tangerine peel is in line with the view that the older the better, because the active ingredients in it, including volatile oils, hesperidin and flavonoids, will change over time. However, after a certain number of years, its traits will basically not change significantly. At this time, the old tangerine peel has already been fixed, and the aging in the future is only deepening.

Xinhui tangerine peel is also relatively difficult to preserve, if it can really be preserved good old tangerine peel in the market is also very scarce, so Xinhui tangerine peel, the higher the year, the greater the difficulty of preservation, and finally can stay the old tangerine peel is naturally less and less, the price will be higher and higher, it can also be said that things are rare.

Daily use of tangerine peel does not have to chase the high vintage, because the price of tangerine peel with high vintage is also high, generally speaking, about 5-10 years of tangerine peel is already a very good tangerine peel.



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