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XLSEAFOOD Sun Dried California Eight Pin Warty Sea Cucumber 10lb pack

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规格: Product of California 2023 Season
产地: California Wild Caught Sea Cucumber
产品特点: Strong & tasty muscle meat. California Sun Dried Nature and Green
产品功效: Good for wound healing, pregnancy and Hyperuric acid
适用人群: Postoperative repair, fetal care
产品单重: 10lb each
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注意: 注意:野生海参以吞噬海底珊瑚和沉积物为生,因此肚内可能会残留泥沙,泡发时需清理干净。(大小对比图,请查看" 规格说明 ")

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After soaking

Product characteristics

  • Wild caught in the Gulf of California, US
  • The epidermis of Sea cucumber is gray-brown or black, with sporadic patches, and the epidermis can change color with the environment.
  • There are 8 flesh thorns all over the body, which is also the origin of its Chinese name.
  • The protein content is higher than 55%, the salt content is less than 20%, and the water generation rate is more than 6 times;
  • Pregnant women, patients after surgery are preferred.

    Sea cucumbers with a faint girly taste

    In the United States, those who can confine, except for Chinese, are Koreans. Korean women, in addition to chicken soup and kelp soup, also love star anise during confinement. Families with conditions generally use star anise to nourish their bodies.


    American Warty sea cucumbers grow in the Northern California Bay Area.

    Affected by the cold current, the sea water temperature is low.

    Sea cucumbers have a very long growth cycle, usually up to 5 years before they can be harvested.

    Compared to other sea cucumbers, warty sea cucumbers are also high protein and low cholesterol foods.
    Warty sea cucumber was originally unknown, but due to the huge market demand in the Asian market in the 80s (after China's reform and opening up), fishermen catching halibut in California found that they could sell it at a high price. Since 1988, California fishermen in the United States have been rushing to catch sea cucumbers, and in less than 10 years, this ubiquitous echinoderm has been on the brink of extinction.
    In order to avoid the extinction of this organism, the government passed a special law in 2001 to strictly regulate and limit the number and size of annual harvesting of star anise sea cucumbers, and conditionally allow non-commercial fishing through licensing and delineation of fishing waters. 

    Warty sea cucumbers are harvested annually in spring and summer and are licensed by the Wildlife and Marine Life Service.

    Fragrant lightly dried warty sea cucumber
    Compared with other sea cucumbers, the skin of Warty Sea Cucumber is ultra-thin, and if it is roasted artificially at high temperature, it will cause ginseng cracking and deformation due to excessive water loss, and even ginseng meat deterioration, affecting the quality.
    It takes 4 weeks from the beginning to the end of drying.
    And during the air drying process, the unique proteins and amino acids in Warty Sea Cucumber produce wonderful chemical changes under the action of sunlight and air, and in the process will produce aromatic hydrocarbon substances, which is the origin of femininity.
    In order to obtain the most perfect Warty Sea Cucumber, XLSEAFOOD uses the most traditional natural air drying process, allowing Warty Sea Cucumber to dry naturally under the dry sunlight of California, and at the same time must manually flip the sea cucumber every day, so that each Warty Sea Cucumber can be evenly exposed to the sun.