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产地: China
产品特点: Natural air-dried premium Hainan white pepper, sulfur-free and bleach-free
产品功效: White pepper is warm, good at dispersing cold in warmth, and has a good relief effect on stomach cold pain caused by stomach cold, bowel sound diarrhea, and can promote sweating and treat wind and cold. White pepper has a good effect on removing fishy smell and peculiar smell, and it tastes very delicious with seafood and meat.
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Product Description
White pepper is the dry, near-ripe fruit of the piperine plant. The smell is fragrant and is one of the favorite condiments. Sin, Wen. disperse cold in warmth, lower breath, eliminate phlegm; Mainly produced in Hainan, Yunnan, Guangdong, Guangxi and other places, the surface is yellow-white or light yellow-white, smooth, and there are most light-colored linear stripes between the top and the base. Its medicinal value is slightly higher than that of black pepper.

When the pepper fruit is not fully ripe, the peel is still green, at this time the pepper is picked and then soaked in boiling water and then dried, after these processes, the color of the pepper will turn black, at this time the pepper is black pepper, and then grinded into powder, it becomes our common black pepper.

White pepper, on the other hand, when the pepper is fully ripe, the peel turns bright red, at this time the pepper is picked down to take out the peel first, and the remaining fruit becomes white pepper after drying, and after grinding, it becomes white pepper.

Flavor use
Compared with black pepper, the taste of white pepper powder is soft and soft, the aroma is relatively light, and the aroma is not easy to dissipate, which is suitable for ingredients with a lighter taste. For example, light fish soup, seafood soup, dumplings, wontons, etc., in fact, whether it is meat dishes or vegetarian dishes can be put white pepper, it has a better effect on removing fishy smell and peculiar smell, and seafood fresh taste is very delicious, in short, more suitable for light dishes, not suitable for braised ingredients.