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Xlseafood Sun Dried Wild Caught Canada Newfoundland Orange-foot Sea Cucumber(Sample)

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规格: 3 pcs per pack, sample
产地: Hudson Bay Area, Canada
产品特点: Sliced, green skin gray flesh red tendon, has been deashed, retain sea cucumber muscle (tendon), meat is crisp and no peculiar smell
产品功效: The taste is crisp and refreshing, like pig's ears. Helpful for high uric acid and body fat. Rich in sea cucumber cerebrosides and ceramides, which can help lower uric acid. It contains a long chain of ginseng that also helps inhibit the proliferation of fat cells.
适用人群: Good for all ages.
产品单重: 3 pcs sample about 1oz
注意: (只限北美地区。泡发需使用煮发法)

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After Soaking

Product characteristics

  • Canada Wild Sea cucumbers 
  • Black skin and green flesh, red tendons
  • The protein content is more than 30%, the salt content is less than 15%, and the water emission rate is more than 5 times
  • Natural calcium supplementation ingredients, suitable for all ages

Product details

Xlseafood selects Canadian wild sea cucumbers that are more than 4 years old, and after artificial desalination, they are naturally dried in California. The whole processing process, without adding any salt, sugar and any other chemical agents, is a green, organic and natural health food.
The Canadian sea cucumber produced by XLseafood in the United States can increase the water weight by more than 500%. The skin and ginseng meat are bluish gray and have a crispy texture, which is suitable for a variety of cooking methods.

More Story about this Sea cucumber  

1 The largest sea cucumber in the North Atlantic

This is the largest sea cucumber in the eastern United States and Canada, growth in the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans at a depth of 30 meters, Living by filtering plankton from seawater
It can only enter the ripening period at the age of 5 and growth up to 20 cm long 

2 Clean 
This is the cleanest sea cucumber in the world.
Relative to its own kind, which swallows silt on the seabed in warm waters in the south
Ginseng feeds on seawater plankton
Therefore, there is no thick gray matter on the body surface

3 Lower hyperuricaemia

Canada sea cucumber is rich in sea cucumber cerebrosides and ceramides
The substance has a pronounced improving effect on hyperuricemia
Reduces uric acid by inhibiting the activity of associated uricogenic enzymes
High urine acid is the main cause of gout, hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, and hypertriglyceridemia
Therefore, it is an excellent ingredient for gout patients

Source: Journal of Food Safety and Quality Inspection, February 2015
In terms of sea cucumber cerebroside and ceramide content, leaf ginseng ranks third among sea cucumbers in the world, much higher than sea cucumbers in other regions.

4 Control weight

Polysaccharide-containing long-chain bases can inhibit the differentiation of pre-3T3-L1 adipocytes
Thus inhibiting the growth rate of human fat cells
This objectively hinders the increase in body fat
And because of the smooth taste, no peculiar taste
It is a delicacy especially suitable for overweight patients

Source: Food Science, Vol. 36, No. 23, 2015