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XLSEAFOOD CHINA Xinjiang Grade Premium Nature unsulphure xueyan

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产地: Yunnan China
产品特点: Snow swallow is not a bird's nest, but a crystal formed by manually cutting the trunk of the Pingpo tree, punching holes to collect wood pulp secretions, and drying them. The essence is a kind of gum.
产品功效: Promote intestinal peristalsis, relieve constipation, eliminate bad breath, detoxify and beautify the skin.
适用人群: Good for all ages.
产品单重: 0.5 /1 lb
注意: Soak at room temperature for 8 hours. Due to the extremely high foaming rate, the daily per capita dosage of dry products is not easy to exceed 3 grams.

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Snow swallow, English name Natural Wild Tragacanth Gum, is a plant pulp secretion of the Pinpo tree, which is essentially a resin like peach gum.

Because the foam is more similar to bird's nest, it is called "snow bird's nest".

Snow swiftlets are mainly grown in Myanmar and Yunnan regions of China, with a small distribution in Vietnam.

The snow swallow is made by manually cutting the trunk of the Pingpo tree, punching holes to collect the secretions of wood pulp, and drying it.

When the snow swallow is just secreted, it is as crystal clear as crystal, and after contact with air oxidation, the color gradually turns yellow, forming red, black and brown snow swallow; Due to the wind, it is easy to stick to impurities such as sand and dust, bark. Snow swallow secreted a sour taste, after snow swallow soaked, the sour taste immediately disappeared, and there was no sour taste when eaten.

The main components of Xueyan are various macromolecular polysaccharides, that is, plant dietary fiber. These include: D-galacturonic acid, D-galactose, L-fucose, D-xylose, L-arabinose and L-rhamnose.

These polysaccharides cannot be absorbed by the body, but can promote intestinal peristalsis, improve constipation, so it has the effect of detoxification and beauty, the essence is very similar to the effect of peach gum, and is praised as a plant delicacy by health practitioners.



Soak in warm water at room temperature for 1 whole day, change the water 3-4 times a day, until soaked until the snow swallow is crystal clear and can be drawn.

It can be paired with peach gum, soap horn rice, brown sugar water + red dates + laurel balls + goji berries.

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