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XLseafood Premium New Zealand Sun-dried Ling fish maw(Sample)

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规格: 4 pieces/serving sample, single piece of fishmaw length is 5-7 inches, or 15-20 cm
产地: New Zealand South Island
产品特点: Fish maw is translucent and reddish and rich in iron & protein and fish oil.
产品功效: Good for beauty
适用人群: Pregnancy pending delivery
注意: Our fish maw is naturally dried, very few fish maw may have small flying insects (not moths), sorting and packing is difficult to detect, this phenomenon does not affect the quality, please remove foreign matter when cleaning. Packaging is only pumped and not vacuumed.

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About Ling fish

New Zealand's locally produced cod gelatin is basically derived from a type of fish: Ling Fish (Genypterus blacodes), hoka or hokarari in Māori. Chinese translates to mackerel, the scientific name: feather weasel, which belongs to a species of codfish. Ling Fish is rich in the South Island of New Zealand, but it is not unique to New Zealand, and many countries will have sea areas, so including Australia, Argentina and other countries will have similar fish maw production, but because New Zealand waters are not polluted, New Zealand cod gelatin is of higher quality.

The color of New Zealand Fishmaw
The color of New Zealand fis maw shows a yellow reddish color, the main reason is that the New Zealand fishery pays more attention to the meat of cod, and the swim bladder is often used as a "by-product" and has not been treated in time, because it is placed with bloody bones and internal organs, or soaked in a refrigerator containing blood, so the fish maw from New Zealand is generally red, and even some are red to black, which is what we call "valley blood swim bladder".
After the foam, it has a faint yellow color, and you can feel the stickiness when you use the film by hand.


The production process of New Zealand fish maw is simply divided into raw drying and machine drying.
Raw drying is divided into raw drying (direct sun exposure) and mechanism (placed in the freezer wind room to dry).
The finished product made by these two methods is not easy to distinguish the appearance, and the raw dried maw is a natural roll, and the whole maw will be rolled up.
The mechanism is generally sun-dried and air-dried, but there are also dry.
Because the process of the mechanism needs to clamp the maw and clamp it flat, the shape of the maw is very flat, and the mesh pattern will be found on the surface of the maw.
The flat cod belly on the market is basically mechanical.


Ling fish maw is oily, soft when exposed to water, and curls up due to shrinkage when heated, which is very different from butterfly gum.
Ling fish maw can gain 300-400% weight when completely foamed, and the foamed fish belly is light yellow and resistant to cooking.
Ling fish maw has a light fishy smell, but it is more suitable for salty and umami cooking than butterfly gum.





Soaking process

1. Soak the fish maw in cold water overnight.
2. Put the flower maw in a steamer and steam for 2-4 minutes. After the gelatin turns white and soft, turn off the heat and let it cool naturally.
3. Take it out and soak it in cold water, and change the water every day (avoid getting oil).

4. When you touch the fish maw and you can clearly feel the stickiness, it can be cooked.


  • As the fish maw will melt when heated, the specific steaming time should be determined according to the actual size of the fish maw. Flower maw is a very heavy gelatin, which is easy to stick to the bottom. When steaming, it is advisable to use bamboo nets as the bottom to prevent it from sticking to the pan.

Click the picture below to view the teaching video of good flower gum foam hair



In hot weather, I have no appetite to eat anything. Loss of appetite + headache, when talking about these two things, many girls first think of dysmenorrhea.

Here, we must first know why girls with dysmenorrhea are suitable for this stew. Brown sugar, which mainly contains vitamin B and iron, can nourish the blood and warm the body.

Fish maw can nourish the kidney and essence, nourish the tendons, and can treat kidney deficiency and slippery essence and postpartum (postpartum food) wind spasm. The waist and knees are sore and weak, and the body is weak. It is most suitable for regular consumption. When cooking, if ginger is added, it will have the effect of dispelling cold. Because during menstruation, women often feel weak waist and knees, weak body, cold lower abdomen, and even abdominal cramps. For women with short menstrual periods, less menstrual flow, dysmenorrhea, and cold belly, stewed fish maw with brown sugar is a very effective tonic, and it can reduce people's anger and make her happy when she is emotionally unstable. Without further ado, let's quickly enter our cooking tutorial today. (Click to view video)

Ingredients selection:

Xulongxing Mexican Butterfly Glue (Use as big as possible if possible, 1 large piece of butterfly glue, cut into 4 pieces after soaking in water. (For the method of soaking, please refer to the flower glue page of Xulongxing official website)

20g brown sugar 4 dried longan, 4 wolfberry, 1 red date, 1 sliced ​​ginger

Ingredients for cooking:

Put all the ingredients into the stewing pot, fill it with water, cover it, put it in a pot, fill it with water, bring it to a boil on high heat and continue steaming for 60 minutes.

Appreciation of the finished product:

The stewed pepper brown sugar water is cool and dark brown, because the collagen in the fish maw is incorporated into the brown sugar water, so you can feel the stickiness of the gelatin when you drink it.

The rich sweetness of brown sugar and the pungent taste of ginger blend together. After drinking it, you will feel the feeling of warming your stomach immediately. Due to the high-temperature cooking, part of the gum has been dissolved into the sugar water.

But it still retains quite a thick gelatin, which melts in the mouth, plump and delicious! The method is very simple, hurry up and learn!