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Public test report

The public test report is a traditional characteristic activity of Xulongxing.

Xulongxing faces customers all over the world through the Internet. We do not have a storefront to show the real products to each of our customers.

So, how can we let customers fully understand our products without leaving home?

For this reason, we specially launched the project of public test report, inviting new and old customers to participate in and experience all our products as public test volunteers.

We asked every tester to record the whole process of receiving, cleaning, soaking and cooking.

Therefore, each public test report is the most objective and direct experience description of the product obtained by these public testers from the customer's first perspective.

On the one hand, the public test report is an excellent reference for other customers who do not understand the product.

On the other hand, public testers also supervise our product quality and service quality.

Once again, I would like to express my deep gratitude to every volunteer who participated in the public testing activity!

-----------President Xu Longhang

Selected public test reports in the past:

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